Service update, Transit outage

Hi all

Is this a common occurrence? Just wondering on the average downtime of these things


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I would be shocked if most are back on tonight

Can we add Edinburgh to the currently down list / but also add the city to the status website …. Why is it only affecting customers on the old network, and does that mean you guys are hoping to get us on the new network? Thanks

Mine was down once since I have joined November

These things happen, I remain hopeful:)

Seriously is it usually that bad? How often does this happen? :slight_smile:

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First time for me been a member since November '23.


Been Stable for 2 month… have noticed slight packet loss over night tho.

Still down in Scotland I knew we would be forgotten about,

We’re still working on it. There are about 60 customers still down, if you could reboot both your router and ONT (box on the wall) and if you’re still down let me know.