Slow responces from staff

I have noticed that both of my posts asking a question have been ignored by staff, as the post above has replies and mine do not. From looking through other posts on here, long wait times and no responses happen a lot.
I still have 1gb from hyperopic set-up So If I don’t get a response by end of working day I’m unplugging the router and cancelling my direct debit and will be returning said router to sender. I was planing on upgrading to 2.3 gig today but can’t as I cannot create an account as it’s asking me for information I have not been provided.
I don’t have time to have my time wasted.

Kind Regards

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Still no response from staff, they did send me an activation email, without replying or telling me, you know the ones you would get when you set up an account with anything online but for that to work I would have to have already made an account which I can’t do because they never sent me my Service Reference number which is needed when making said account.

So @Yayzi_Team @Yayzi_Liam Please feel free to cut off my service and arrange for collection of the router If I don’t get a reply to this thread in 14 working days I will assume the router is mine and dispose of it how I see fit.

Kind Regards

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This is a shame, I’ve had a few similar issues - got router and installation date, but nothing else. No service number or customer account number, or general instructions to sign up for any app or portal. Had some good results using whatsapp, but still waiting for a direct debit mandate to come through too.

If you want the connection speeds, hang in there mate, impression I’m getting is that it’s a demand problem with only a small support team, which seem relatively new. Be worth it once all setup, hopefully!

Indeed, but they could have least have said we are on it or something I can see how many posts there are on here If I worked here could have responded to every one in the last week in about an hour, so there is that.

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They have responded, still not great, but we shall see how this goes account seems to be working now lets see how you lads manage my upgrade to 2.3 how would I go about this cant see it on my account page, thanks.

Just had a look and it seems you’re in a GPON area so you would only be able to get the 2Gig Pro+ package. Once you’ve had the install done then a regrade takes 30 seconds or so, as long as you have your own 2.5Gbps capable router you could have the speeds within a few hours of your install. If you need one of our routers it would be a £99 cost one off and we can ship it to you next day delivery.

If you want to get the ball rolling you’d need to drop us an email to [email protected]

After all that how about you wave the 99 send me a router and keep me as a long tern costumer then ball will roll feel free to continue this in dm as im sure the 50 per month will pay for 99 in no time at all ???



Downgrade and upgrade your package on-demand, at no extra mention of that means lol

So between the Pro packages, you can downgrade to the 1.2Gig Pro+ and back up to the 2Gig Pro+ without signing into any other contract or any extra cost except the pricing between the packages.

This is being replaced by a more simple product that will allow you to boost your speed whenever you want on demand, and you just pay the extra costs based on the package speed. So if you upgraded the speed for half a day for example you’d be billed the 2Gig rate for half a day.

Because you’re on the 900 Plus product, it’s not possible to be able to do that currently without having the 2.5Gb capable router, we’re currently the only ISP using these routers in the UK and we are having to fly these units due to the ongoing conflicts in the Red Sea, and demand for the routers are really high, over 68% of all orders are currently for MultiGig products, so while I would love to say look I’m sorry for the slow reply here’s a free router, we already subsidise a large portion of the router cost and customer full ownership of the router.

We are looking at ways to half the set up costs or get rid of them completely but we’re not quite there yet, so I can only apologies for that.

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Sorry for the late reply, been away for the last couple of weeks, could you recommend a 3rd party route?
and thanks for the detailed and well worded response, this really clears things up.

They do recommend a router, the one they supply and support for £99. It’s a price point you’ll struggle to beat for a 2.5Gb LAN/WAN router with official support in the event something goes wrong. Asking the same company to suggest something they don’t support and haven’t tested seems like the wrong approach, this is a product you’ll need to set-up and support and as you’re going for your own kit, presumably you want to do something that the ISP supplied router doesn’t and you haven’t said what that is.

So far i’ve used OPNSense, PFSense, DDWRT, OpenWRT, Untangle all on a PC with dual i225 NIC, a TP-Link DECO set-up (only gigabit), the Yayzi supplied TP-Link HX220 and a Unifi UDM Pro-SE, you can pickup a Flint2 for £125-145 on Amazon. I wouldn’t touch an ASUS if you paid me, but between them and TP-Link, you should find something suitable. If you aren’t sure, why not tell us what specific thing you are looking to do that can’t be done on the ISP supplied option and i’m sure someone will be able to help.

Synology RT6600ax has a 2.5G WAN port and a Single 2.5 Gb LAN Port, 3 x1 GB and WiFi 6. I really liked this router, Wifi 6, Multigig WAN and up to 5 VLANS.

I have upgraded to a Firewalla Gold Plus (3x 2.5GB LAN and 1x 2.5Gb WAN ) with a Unifi 6 Pro Access point. Which works just fine for me.

Do you have any specific requirement for you router?

They themselves say that it’s fine and somewhat encouraged from what I read on here, Oh I know 99 is a great deal but they way I see it if I’m spending 99 why not spend a little extra and get something a little better.

Thank you for the recommendations and yeah I know to stay away from asus and not just for networking ha ha. High prices, middling quality.

All I need is 2x 2.5 gig ports and the latest Wi-Fi 6 e… cant remember what the currant standard? I forget, if you know anything you could recommend? that would be great, and thank you for the response.

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NAT is NAT, without additional needs, you arent getting anything meaningful in return. I prefer to split routing, switching and wifi, it means when you want to upgrade, you only do the bits you need and you can choose the best individual solutions for each. I run Deco’s for me and most of the family, they are inexpensive and perform at near line speed (gigabit).The latest standard in use is wifi7, though its pretty rare outside of high end/premium lines (Unifi 7 Pro AP for example). If you just want 2.5Gb LAN/WAN, then the Yayzi supplied EX820v plus a suitable mesh system would be a reasonable choice.

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I can only recommend the Synology RX6600ax. As i have experinec of using it.

It’s got Wifi 6 not 6e or 7.

I like the easy of use, good UI, SRM

I think its max power is only 13W.

Thats a look at the specs of synology , the TPlink. see what works for you and whats in budget.

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Thanks, Avalon, I’m quite behind when it comes to networking

have say they have been very swift to respond with me, once I was up and running :+1: