Slow speed on WiFi

Is the a fault in my area TS25 as the wifi speeds on my laptop are ridiculously slow. Ever since we have been with Yayzi my Upload speed is around 3 times faster than my Download speed, this morning I ran 3 Google speed tests and the results were dismal.
I’m no expert but surely there must something wrong, why does my Download speed reduce the longer I’m connected.
Please help, Thanks

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Firstly, apologies you’re having WiFi speed issues. We can certainly see if there are any issues. Are you able to run a Speedtest via a wired connection at all?

Also just to say we removed the images as your IP address was visible.

Yayzi Support Team

Thanks for the reply, I’ll check if I can do a wired speed test, do I connect the cable to the router or the box on the wall.


Connect directly to the router not the ONT.

Hi Peter

Here is the result

What service are you paying for…?

Also I’m in TS25 if you need any help…

I’m on the 1GB offer, my son has “changed the channel” and my WiFi speed is a lot better, getting 108mb download now :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Peter

I thought the minium speed is around 600mb, is this correct?


The minimum speed guarantee by Yayzi is 750mbps, but testing can vary a lot based on a number of factors and I would not trust one test to be particularly accurate.

Factors that can affect speeds:

  • Wired vs. WiFi (for any kind of decent speed test you should always be using a wired connection)
  • Time of day - if a lot of people are using the speed test server you choose or the network that speed test server lives on is congested then speeds can seem lower than reality
  • Test device - the device or application you are testing on may not be able to handle the higher speeds. This can be particularly true for in-browser speed tests where the browser is not performing optimally
  • Routing - if routing is not great to your chosen server, it may cause lower throughput or higher pings than you may get to other locations. This can be particularly true for speed tests because by default, those sites will use your IP’s perceived location to select the closest server geographically to you. Unfortunately this quite often bears no resemblance to the route your connection actually takes. For example, in your screenshot Nottingham was chosen as your closest server, probably because a lot of Yayzi’s IPs geolocate to Harrogate. But in reality, the connection goes to Yayzi’s gateway in London before going out to the internet, so it’s actually “doubling back” on itself to reach the server in Nottingham. A server in London would be better, but those also tend to be more congested servers as they are more popular.

For the record, I was able to run a test this morning to the same server as you and received the following, so I would suggest testing at different times of day to ensure it wasn’t just a transient problem:

Also if you are connecting a laptop over ethernet, most OS will be smart enough to use the wired connection as the priority, but you should totally disable WiFi on the device to be sure that your speed test is not happening over WiFi anyway.

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Thanks for the reply Peter and the detailed info :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: