SNMP on the LAN side of router

Is there any way to enable SNMP on the LAN side of the Yayzi supplied router?

Apologies, I thought i’d replied to this one, but apparently not. You don’t mention which router (they have issued 3 so far this year that I am aware of), if it’s the HX220, log in, click advanced, system tools, SNMP Settings and enable it :+1:

I have the EX820v and that has no obvious setting in the GUI for SNMP.

According to the online manual…

10 SNMP Settings

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is widely used in network management

for network monitoring. It allows management applications to retrieve status updates

and statistics from the SNMP agent within this device. In this way, network administrators

can easily search and modify the information on any node on the network. Meanwhile,

they can locate faults promptly and implement the fault diagnosis, capacity planning

and report generating.


SNMP Agent

is an application running on the router that performs the operational

role of receiving and processing SNMP messages, sending responses to the SNMP

manager, and sending traps when an event occurs. So a router contains SNMP “agent”

software can be monitored and/or controlled by SNMP Manager using SNMP

Go to


Enter the username/password to log in to the ACS server.

Select which interface to be used by the TR-069

Select this check box to enable authentication

Enter the username/password for the ACS server to log in to

Select this check box to enable STUN for the

or, and log in with the password you set

System Tools

SNMP Settings

Enable or disable this function.

That option is not available in the GUI. Its possible Yayzi may have disabled that setting remotely. :frowning: