Still down after 10 hours :(

Hi Yayzi.

I assume we have been forgotten about, I’ve rebooted my router but still nothing.

Please sort it out for us

Ps have you tried to open a ticket via a mobile phone it’s impossible due to the capcha not displaying properly…


Me too.

I’ve replied in the other thread but gonna put my name down here too in case it increases visibility. I’ve only been with them a couple of weeks so also thinking I’ve been forgotten in the move over.

Hi Sean

I’ve not even been connected for a week yet lol, only last Friday :slight_smile:

Don’t worry guys, you haven’t been forgotten about, there are about 60 people still showing as offline despite being moved. Please reboot both your router and ONT and if you’re still having issues let us know :slightly_smiling_face:

Rebooted both again and still nothing. Router isn’t getting an IP address at all, just “Please check the line quality with your Internet service provider.” Same message I got on install date before the line was activated IIRC.

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That’s helpful, I’ve got the network team in it. We’ll get you sorted. I’m heading off for a couple hours sleep then I’ll be back on.

Keep everything connected up for me in the meantime… apologies again for the downtime!

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Still down after reboot of OTC and router


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Still down in FY2 on the 2.5 package

Yeah, fully rebooted still nothing. 3 lights on the OTC, everything but internet on the router. Postcode CV21 4GA if that’s any help.

I’m also on the 2.5Gb package. Wonder if that’s the common link here?

Nah, I’m on 1 and got nothing.

PA58AY 2.2gb still down red Internet light on router and ethernet flashing on wall BOX

@Yayzi_Team - I am unable to reply now in the other thread. When I login to my deco mesh system, it’s not even finding my router now and I am still unable to connect to the internet and been offline for over 22 hours. - Please can you respond with how I can resolve this?

Hi Emma,

Can you get a pin and stick it in the reset hole on the front of the ONT for around 15 seconds and then turn your router off and back on. Let me know if that helps.


Hi - I’ve done this but hasn’t helped at all. It’s coming up with a blue flashing light but nothing is connecting and then it goes red again.