Still not been sent new router for 2.5GB Pro + tier

I had requested an upgrade just as the service went bad last month.

My service has gone down - #918 by siUK

I was told here 21 days ago that a new router was being sent next day. I’ve still received nothing and my speed is still at the 1GB level.

The account page at my.yayzi shows 2.5Gig Pro+ so I can only assume I’m now getting charged for it, but I can’t even check that as the go tomy bill link just reloads the page.

Wehn will the new router be sent to me? When will I actually get the upgrade?

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Did you upgrade through the portal or via email?

Have you tried logging a ticket/email/whatsapp? Failing that @Yayzi_Team is your best bet.

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The upgrade button in

You’ll need to email [email protected], the portal only changed the line profile. It doesn’t trigger the upgrade (new portal will trigger the upgrade and router dispatch etc…)

Yayzi you really need to sort your customer service out.

Why does your portal show and allow that button and new contract agreement / price change if it doesn’t work? Saying it will work in the ‘new portal’ really doesn’t make sense. I would consider that you are now in material breach of contract under UK law, not just your T’s & C’s.

Your portal has accepted my upgrade and has shown that for over 21 days now. You (Yayzi staff) have previously replied on another thread that a new router will be sent out next day, and that hasn’t happened.

Why would I now need to send an email?

We are not in breach at all, you’re not being charged for the upgrade right now because it isn’t active and your contract hasn’t changed. The way our upgrades work is you remain on the contract you signed up for due to our DUO (downgrade or upgrade on demand) the new portal will enable you to have a lot more control over this, to the point you can even upgrade your speed for an hour and then drop again (with your billing automatically adjusted)

But what I will do is action this if you still wish to proceed and have the router sent tomorrow for delivery on Tuesday.

But I can only apologise for this, I would say this is a cock up on our end, and with our vendors software (one of the reasons for new portals)

Drop me an email to [email protected] and I’ll get this sorted for you

Done, thanks

Received the router yesterday and installed it today. I now get slower speeds then before with my ASUS router. Currently getting in region of 360-460 Mbps down and 840- 1020 Mbps up.

Def not right for 2.5 gbps

Can you have a look please @Yayzi_Team

Here’s from my iPhone 15 pro which is con extend at 2400 Mbps to router as stated by the TP Link wireless client page. Same slow speed if I connect via cable direct to the hub with my desktop or laptop.

Are you using Cat 6/6E to connect?

WiFi speeds will never be 2.5gb

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Actually just tried again wired and that’s actually ok, I’d forgot the dongle I was using was 1Gbps for my laptop. My Mac studio has a 10Gbps port and I’m getting over 2000 Mbps up and down to it, so not quite 2.5 but close.

The issue seems to be wireless to the TP-Link. It’s slow as hell to download from, fast to send to. i.e. my iphone can send 1019 mbps to it but is receiving 300-400. Tested now with iphone 15 pro max, ipad pro m2, mac studio, macbook pro - all are connected at 1200 - 2400 mbps, and are able to upload at similar 1 Gig ish speeds but downloads are slow as per the screenshot above.

Are there any updates that could help fix this or do I need to go buy a proper router that can actually send and receive over 1000 Mbps over wifi ? My Asus had no problem with wifi download speeds in excess of 1000 mbps… but then I can’t get 2.5 gbps via it.

I get around 900 up and down via the wifi on the EX820v that Yayzi provide (older iPhone so this is the limiting factor for me, rather than the router).

You might want to take a look at this post which details some of the lesser known options that can help WiFi performance especially when dealing with a network with a mix of wifi standards and hardware Getting the Best Out of Your EX820v Router with a Few Tweaks


I’d already enabled ofdma and twt, didn’t spot the airtime fairness in the extra hidden advanced advanced settings. Night and day results. Thanks !!


WiFi 7 is pretty close

Wifi (7) will absolutely get to 2.5gbps in the right conditions.

Example here

Im hitting 1.6gbps on 6E

It’s pointless on wifi though. 95% of the time anything that needs to shift substantial amounts of data will be cabled, Wifi devices normally have pretty limited storage.