Strange Large Unexpected Direct Debit Charge

I have just out of the blue received two unexpected Direct Debit Charges from Yayzi The First is for £150 and the second is for £3.51

This could have potentially taken me overdrawn with my bank but it is lucky as I had the money in the account.

I was not expecting these charges at all. All I can think of is this is for the ONT change last week. I was told this would be a free upgrade though.

I also was without internet for 4 days afterwards so was told £10 would be coming off my next bill. So I am not sure why I have now been charged £153.51?

Can you look into this please?

Hi Anthony, looks like there was some confusion at the billing side. I’m on this for you, you can ignore the email reply you got :slight_smile:


I still haven’t received back the £150. I also received on Friday a returns bag and this included a pre-paid returns label to Yayzi so today I have tried to send back the TP-Link 820v router, yet two post offices say the returns label barcode included is invalid.

I tried a regular post office and a Royal Mail sorting office. I am not sure what to do now.

Hi Anthony, the refund would be processed when the router is sent back. But what I’ll do is send you another label if you’re able to print? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Yes I can print a label no problem.

The way I did it was scan the label through the website and then use my work address as a collection address for some reason it wouldn’t scan at my post office worked fine via online

Did you use a Royal Mail app for this? I have never done it over the website before.

Hi I used this link and it worked perfectly just scan the barcode on the return label and follow the steps

Collection step 1 - Your items - Royal Mail Click & Drop | Send an item - Click. Save. We Collect :+1:

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The TP-Link EX820V router was posted back to you on Thursday. Royal Mail tracking has said it was signed for on Monday.

Would you be able to give a general timeframe for when the refund will be processed?

Also I am still not 100% sure where the £153.51 charge came from? My contract is £29 per month. But your email mentioned my contract is £50 per month? Looking at my account page it definitely confirms I am still on the 1.2G Down and 900mb up plan with you. Was that incorrect in the £153.51 charge?

Can I double-check what I am going to be billed on my next billing date on 31st May 2024 with you please? I was also promised a £10 discount due to my being without internet for 4 days. So will I be billed £19 on the 31st May?

Hi Antony.

I can see your ticket is assigned to our accounts team for the refund to be processed and they’ll reply to you about your future bill.

But just to confirm I can see the credit has been added and your next bill is looking to be as you expected of £19.

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