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Since the major network issue a few days ago I’ve had nothing but issues, connection up and down, ip constantly changing, connections to most streaming services ie… Disney+, Chanel 4, Netflix… you get the idea. None of them seem to work properly one minute it’ll let me watch the next it’s saying not available in my region…
Currently have an up in this range 149.18.87.** and being on the 1Gig Pro package I seem to be of the understanding I would have a static ip. It’s not just the streaming services, we homeschool 2 of our children and when they are trying to complete work with the unstable connection they are finding it most difficult to work.
The complete lack of communication, not answering WhatsApp messages, emails, tickets, X (twitter) posts is leading me to believe they just don’t give a rats ass, come in YAYZI sort yourself out and help your customers or your ship is going to sink very quickly
I would appreciate an answer from a staff member for some help or an explanation for the issues

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Hi Steve,

You shouldn’t have any streaming issues at all now. This was due to a bad IP range that we’ve taken down.

You do have a Staric IP now locked in via your Mac address.

We don’t really use Twitter or X, or whatever it’s called these days, we don’t advertise it as a form of support.

Are you using our new WhatsApp number?

But emails should be picked up and I’m sorry if they haven’t. You shouldn’t have any further issues going forward. But if you do we need to know about them asap so we can sort it for you


Nope still having issues with Chanel 4

Also, when I signed up it was on the deal for £29 900mb package, you’ve moved me to the 1.2gb pro package. Should I not have one of the other routers you supply so I may take full advantage of the speeds being offered to me? Yes I have capable home computers/laptops, I have really being enjoying the service up until now, initially had the same issue with streaming but that was sorted within an hour by someone called Stefan, I think that was his name, on the same day the service was activated. Cityfibre left my previous ONT and did not change it for future proofing upgrades I was thinking about upgrading to in the near future.
I do understand your company is a relatively small company with seemingly little staff to cope with the issues your having but you need to sort your customer service out somehow, live chat, actually having a call centre or a number to ring to speak to a real person without the delay of emails and tickets. When the connection was working it was solid as a rock, I’ve 4 kids eating the connection and I could still stream, game and download with ease. I’d just like that back

Out of curiosity. Can you try accessing channel 4 streaming via a laptop or desktop and see if it works?

So if you originally had the £29 deal then at that moment the 1200 line wouldn’t have been available.

All new customers get put onto a 1200 line from install but those speeds are not available without a Pro Router. But it will allow that upgrade to happen a lot faster.

If you want the new ONT installed, we can do that for you. Right now you’ve only been upped to the line profile but without the ONT you won’t be able to get any faster.

So while we may be small we do have the staff to cope as evidenced by almost 400 tickets being responded too, updates on forums and several thousand customers being migrated during an outage. Unfortunately we have very likely missed some during this and for that I can only hold my hands up and apologise.

How is the connection now except channel 4?


accessing chanel 4 via firefox does actually work!! but still not via my STB (4k freesat box) or Lg smart tv
connection wise well, the screen grab says it all, thats with only me using the connection, wired to a pc


any further with this issue? chanel 4 still not streaming via STB or smart tv app. also now found a few shopping apps / sites telling me they can’t ship to my location, switch off wifi (on my phone) and as if by magic they can ship to my location…
in the words of alien’s Hudson “how do i get out of this chicken sh*t outfit”
seriously looking elsewhere for services now.

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Hi Steve,

Any services you’re unable to access if you let us know what they are we can get them sorted.

Channel 4 is a really odd one because it seems people can access via desktop and you’ve confirmed you can access via firestick.

I would probably say this is worth opening a ticket with Channel 4 yourself.

The STB must use a different geo database by the sounds of it

I can’t access this using a fire stick, just using pc/laptop
I’ve contacted channel 4 and this was their response
Thank you for your email in regards to streaming on Channel 4.

We would suggest that you contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as they may able to resolve this on their end, as your getting this error on other devices.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding streaming on Channel 4.

Kind regards,

John O’Neill
Channel 4 Streaming Enquiries

Channel 4 takes no responsibility for third-party websites

We’ve updated our site! You can now access a full list of all the programmes available on the service, please visit:

To be the first to know about exclusive previews, new programmes, competitions and to watch 1000s of shows on demand from 30 days to 30 years old, click HERE to register with Channel 4

So…. Going round in circles
Just to reiterate
I CANT access channel 4 app via
4K Freesat STB
LG smart tv app
Fire stick
I CAN access via

My connection has the same issue, can access C4 via desktop PC, and by browser on my phone, but NOT by the C4 app on my phone or tablet.

Last year when I had geoblocking issues you moved me to an unblocked IP, can you please do the same again?

I would say it’s definitely Channel 4’s issue sorry.
Outside of your router the IP address that goes to channel 4 is the same regardless of what device you use.

If I use the app from my mobile I can’t gain service due to the geolocated IP address, which is located in the UK. (Until channel 4 update their databases)

However If I start a VPN from my phone to a server that’s in the UK and then go to channel 4 using the app I can start programmes.

Nah don’t think so, funny how before all the issues I had no problems at all accessing streaming services and now…
Just wish they’d (YAYZI) would just say yep it’s our issue and we’ll change you on to an unblocked ip range. But like most service providers they pass the blame on to either the 3rd party or your equipment.

Unfortunately during the march meltdown you would have been moved to another IP range as we all was your happen to be in the same subnet as me, some of which was geolocated outside of the UK, Yayzi have been helpful in trying to get databases that others use updated but some companies don’t update their geolocation databases frequently.

Mine for instance I’m still in the US

Have a look at this thread

getting stupid now, @Yayzi_Team do you think if you just don’t reply that i’ll just forget about this? connection is dire today and also now thinks i’m in new jersey
why oh why can’t you just sort this, it’s been nearly a month now and no further on with a resolution. what conditions do you have for getting out of a contract when you can’t supply a reasonable connection or being able to access sites and services which rely on you being in the same blooming country.
i am now giving you seven days from today to fully resolve this or i will be canceling and going elsewhere.

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately we have to wait for the geolocation databases to be updated. We have absolutely zero control over this. We have to report to each individual database and ask for them to get updated, if you let me know any databases you’ve come across and we can get them updated (if we haven’t already done so)

We will naturally keep chasing this up, but if you let us know any individual services/apps/websites that you’re having issues with it would be very helpful

Can you just not assign me a static ip address, not in the 149 range like you did when I signed up. That sorted all the issues out with streaming and websites thinking I was in another country. As part of the service I have from you shouldn’t I have a static ip anyway?

So far I have found the following sites / services claim were in another country
Channel 4
Prime video (occasionally)
I also use Ubuntu on my work laptop, this has issues connecting to the servers / remote desktops as azure/entra thinks I’m in another country and refuses the connection, boss had a real panic when she saw connections coming in from the states, so I have to use mobile tethering which limits what I can actually work on, plus our smoothwall blocks my connection. Fortunately my boss is understanding and I can work in office when needed.

I get it’s frustrating, but you’re giving a company 7 days to resolve something they have absolutely no direct control over, the third party databases will update as/when they choose, and even after they do, there is no guarantee that everyone you list will pull ‘live’ data, so it could be a while after that before the individual sites use the updated info. Hopefully changes are pushed through soon and start to filter through, but until then, we are all in the same situation.

One small point, having been a smoothwall user since the early beta’s and releases till shortly after Dick left (and ended up at my ex employers), your administrator can absolutely whitelist your IP and solve that side of it in second’s which would seemingly make your life a lot easier, perhaps ask them why they aren’t willing to?

Why not just ask whoever manages your Azure tenant to exclude you from the conditional access policy.

Aslong as you have mfa securing your account, there is almost zero risk to the business. Its just waiting on IP databases to update. Would save you the hassle until yayzi resolve.

I had exactly the same issue with our Internal SOC querying why i was all of a sudden signing in from California when i was on the 154 range, now on 141.

I can’t see why your company won’t make an amendment to their conditional access for you. Its pretty clear its a genuine request.

@Lee @Avalon
yes they have white listed me on smoothwall and allowed in azure but my ip, i can not say it is going to stay static as for some reason i now don’t have static like i had when i first had yayzi installed, dont really want or have to bother my boss everytime my ip changes.
we do have mfa for the multiple logins i have but some can’t for reasons…
yes this is the first time i’ve mentioned this on here as i could use my mobile’s 5g connection to login but not always practical, its a bitch when the software tech is being blocked by software lol, and changes can only be made by superadmins for some reason when these should be basic settings !! at the min im having to double or triple remote connect to get to where i need to be without ip location stopping me ie. remote from my laptop/desktop → work desktop → server/client so the lag is crazy sometimes.
and as for you yayzi, sort your customer support out, sh1t farm it out like most do…

From an Azure point of view, I work in Cloud engineering and I’m one of these “superadmin” b@stard operators from hell myself :joy:, all that needs to be done is your entra account is excluded from any geo based conditional access policies, and voila you can sign into Azure/365 services from the deep corners of the earth.

Smooth wall is another matter though if your IP is changing frequently.