Stuff thinks I'm in a different country

Hi, im having issues with certain websites and game servers as its saying I’m in a different country, this is the same on multiple devices i cant access the national lottery website and some games servers wont let me connect at all. this is since the major fault that happened. also since then we haven’t been given back our static IP address , the router says dynamic and we’ve been through yayzi’s support they have said that dynamic is static but it just isn’t.

can anyone offer some help?

Help no, a little context, perhaps. You may have noticed other threads relating to the issues you are having. Short version is yes, some databases incorrectly think your IP range is geo-located outside of the UK and yes, Yayzi are aware/working through the issue both with content providers and I believe the databases themselves. Geo-restriction is done by a number of providers and they tend to be risk averse, so will block first and deal with repercussions later.

In terms of static IP’s, two issues exist:

  1. The routers are set to pull dynamic IP’s because the address reservation takes place at the Yayzi end, it’s always? been like this. If you change it to static and input the details, the result would be the same (assuming you had a static IP), but it would say static. Realistically it’s not an issue how the IP is set, as long as it’s the same.

  2. Currently not everyone is on a static IPv4 address and again Yayzi are aware/working through them. The easiest option at this stage if you can make it work is to treat it as dynamic. We’re on a totally new network back end now, and rather than a planned and controlled migration in batches, things were done at scale to resolve the loss of IP transit. Unfortunately this seems to have been one of the repercussions.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

That does help thanks