Support Autoresponses (or lack of)


I’m a new customer and so far loving the speed of the connection, but the support so far seems a bit worrying.

I’ve put a request in to get the static IP that on sign up was mentioned to be included in the Pro package to replace the current CG-NAT one that DHCP has assigned. I’ve done this twice as a support ticket on my account page (both of which appear to have gone into the ether, with the troubleshooting page still saying No Support Tickets) and as an email to the hello@ address, which I’m also unsure of whether it’s gone through to anyone.

I totally get that things get busy (I’ve worked in support for many years myself), and I have a working and decent connection so I don’t consider it urgent - but I would definitely suggest getting some sort of autoresponse set up to at least provide assurance things are going somewhere, I dread to think how many duplicate requests have gone through because of that.

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