Taken install fee and have no account or service

Hi all, is it normal not to get any emails or mail stating what my account number is, I’ve had nothing apart from a router being delivered and Cityfibre turning up to swap the OTC box,

I’ve had no service since Wed and I’m unable to register an account as I don’t know what that is as I only got a direct debit mandate

Please can I have my account details and something done about no service

Im having the same problem but with internet and no response from staff so your not alone

Hi I’m getting a response from Yayzi staff and now have my account details, my problem seems to be on the Cityfibre side as ive came from Vodafone fiber to Yayzi fiber and there is a black hole in the middle so to speak,

If it wasn’t for me actually hearing the conversation with the engineer to Cityfibre I might of thrown in the towel but I will give it until next week,

We are sorry about this, I’m glad you do understand that it’s something that is somewhat out of our hands, but I can assure you we are chasing it up with CityFibre and we should have you online by Monday morning once the order desk at CityFibre reopens.

Yes same issue here my service should have been live on Fri 1st March im still without internet. It was supposed to be just a switchover had CF engineer come just for ONT switchover still had service light on ONT from old provider after new ONT install nothing no service light engineer told its just a switch over goto next job and just left with no internet been in contact with Yayzi and all i get is that it is a CF issue. Quick to take funds slow to fix the issue.

Hi Simon,

Service light off is a CityFibre issue, they haven’t activated the new circuit, from what we can gather the engineer didn’t provide the new ONT details to the provisioning team at CityFibre, I believe this is now being sorted.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.03.05 -
seems ok now thank you.