Thinking of joining from Vodafone


I’m now just come out of contact with Vodafone for my current Pro II Full Fibre 500 24mths contact, and looking at options.

I like the option of the 1G Pro plan as this seems better value and speeds compared to saythe Vodafone 900 or Pro II options for another 24mths contact even with the £3 discount!

My main concern are:

  1. I work from home and have two teenagers so need to have little or no downtime. I can’t have the installation go south and be without internet for days. Yes I can use 4g but at the last resort. Is there anyway to mitigate this with planning and weekly communication between both parties with the Vodafone 30 day notice period and installation date?

  2. I want to use my own router. I don’t want to pay for a router that I won’t use as I have WiFi access points around the house that gives the family full WiFi 6 coverage.

3.Has the issue with steaming services resolved. I don’t want a big issue with streaming BBC iPlayer, netflix etc as it will be world war 3 with the wife and kids!

4.Do Open Reach have to replace the ONT modem box. Or is it because if your not a fibre customer that’s why there’s a £99 router and installation cost?

5.How are speeds during the weekend and evenings? Is there any capping in speed, download etc? I work from home and often deal with moving data that’s around 100/300GB sometimes bigger.

Basically I’m very interested in joining, but like anyone thinking of joining don’t want it all to end in disaster!

I can answer a few of these for you but @Yayzi_Team will be able to answer the rest.

  1. Yes you can use your own router, I’m running a PfSesne box directly plugged into CityFibre’s ONT, but you need to be able to use VLAN tags on the WAN side, as Yayzi uses VLAN tag 911. I joined before the setup fee so i’m not sure what they can do about that but it does relate to question 4.

  2. yes, There are no problems for me, they should have cleared all issues with streaming services for everyone else,

  3. The ONT is connected to CityFibre’s network, if your Vodafone contract uses BT fibre then you would need a new installation from CityFibre with a new ONT, but if your current connection is with CityFibre then its just a case of Vodafone releasing you from their service so that Yayzi can take over, going by what others have said on Reddit, this can sometimes be a bit painful, not just with Yayzi, but moving between other providers on CityFibre.

  4. I have a Graphana Dash monitoring my internet speeds, and I’ve not once dropped below the guaranteed speed, average about 600 over wifi5 and 950 on ethernet both ways. so no capping or reductions at peak times, like BT used to do on ADSL.

I wish you all the best with your transition, Yayzi have been excellent for me, only had a few issues but all sorted now.

I must say if you are on BT Fibre, schedule your end date after your setup for Yayzi / CityFibre install that way if there is any problems you’ve got backup till its cleared, thats what I did, but didn’t need it.

Thanks for the reply, @Yayzi_Team can you advise on items 1 and 2

Want to get everything ordered but want to have the £99 charge clarified and installation date etc so everything runs smoothly.


I can answer number 2 - you can just sign up, with the fee (which isn’t taken on sign up) and contact Yayzi to get the router removed - I’ve just done this myself

Thank, that’s good advice.

I’m holding off a couple of days until I get a feeling for how long this new downtime is going to take to get fixed!

It’s important to not get long disconnects with a family who lives off the internet. Just 10 minutes of no WIFI is painful with all the crying and screaming from the kids lol.

I suppose I should be looking at a 4g backup for wan 2 so to mitigate,but also looks like another lessons learned for a new start up, with new network and hopefully backup plans for the future.

Appreciate it can happen to all providers, just look at the Vodafone and BT forum’s!

Just don’t … find any other ones. I know for sure there are other providers that acomodate better with your needs, even supplying a 4g back up hub and extension to use all over the house , depending on your budget and how much you’re prepared to pay to have broadband/phone at all times.
If you want headaches , sudden drops , no explanation or communication from the provider , slower speeds than contracted, always blaming someone else for the problems they have, yeahhh join the Yayzi :rofl:.

We haven’t blamed anyone for any issues, unless they are genuinely out of our control.

We believe in total transparency on where the issue arise from and we’re always open as we can publicly. We don’t shy away from any criticism.

I can tell you 100% that all comments and feedback is taken onboard and there are a lot of plans in process to ensure a completely seamless experience from order, to going live, to your service reliability and speeds.

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