Tp link ax3000 upgraded

Changed my router yayzi gave me when connection
Upgraded with a tplink ax3000 wifi 6 but only able to connect using my yayzi router from ont to router then ethernet from yayzi to ax3000
Is there anyway of not using yayzi supplied router and using the ax3000 router had no drop out since using the ax3000

I don’t think the ax3000 supports vlans, so you would need to use the yayzi router, you would need a router that supports vlan tagging on the wan port as yayzi use vlan id 911.

Ax3000 do support vlan, you need to setup the router correctly with the same settings as the Yayzi provided router for it to work.

Also bear in mind that Yayzi are currently having connection issues, so it might not be your router that is the problem

The instructions for that router are here → How to configure VLAN ID for your internet connection on wireless router (For new logo) | TP-Link