TP-Link HX220 Bridge mode for use with Nest Wifi mesh

I have a Nest Wifi mesh system and my Cityfibre ONT needs a router that supports Vlan 911 which Google does not.

I am getting double Nat and although almost everything is working I would like to stop it by putting the supplied Tp-Link HX220 into bridge mode.

I have tried creating a new Internet Setup using the bridge mode. There is a NAT enable option in the advanced section of the Internet setup which is on by default and I have tried with it off and that stops the internet to the Nest router.

Does anyone have any experience of bridge mode with this router?


Did you manage to get this working?

No I gave up and bought a Netgear switch to go between the ONT and the Google router. This handles the Vlan.

However there was no improvement to my speed as there was another problem which I read about. I had been out on the defunct 500M speed.

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