Unable to connect after router reboot


I powered down my router and have powered back up, we have lost connection and it appears we do not have an IP address.

Is there a service issue?



Can you check that the router settings are correct:

Dynamic IP
VLAN enabled with a VLAN ID of 911.


Same here, I didn’t change VLAN 911 settings at all.
Tried at method e.g. changing MAC address
still cannot obtain IP.

It happens recent days, each time powered down my router and have powered back up, static IP cannot obtained by DHCP anymore.
I could get a IP by chaning MAC adress till yesterday, but not working now for today.

Maybe related to this change?

I could confirm I was using the IP pool from 149.18.87.xx only.

Great, back to live again. even I don’t know DHCP lease expired or change made by Yayzi.

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I’ve had this same issue twice now. Lost power last night and the connection won’t come back this morning.
Last week (yes, twice in two weeks - same length of time I’ve been a customer :expressionless: ) Yayzi said it was a fault at their end. I don’t understand how losing and re-establishing a connection can cause a permanent fault.