Unable to get an installation date

Could anyone suggest how I actually get any information or action out of Yayzi? This is going to sound like a whinge, and it is, but so far I think I might be better off staying with VM.

I’ve ordered 2Gig+ and picked an installation date at the end of January all good. CityFibre came out to do the pre-pull which failed due to blockage in the ducting. Day before the installation is due CityFibre came out again and tried another pre-pull, that failed, but they managed to identify where the block was and said they would be back with a dig team in the near future.

Installation day comes and goes, no word from Yayzi that they weren’t coming and no option to reschedule. The next day I get billed for installation and a month of service. So, I contact them on the WhatsApp group and ask what is going on and why I have been billed? They said they would refund and look in to the problems. I chased a few days later and they said they didn’t know why the installation was cancelled.

2 days ago CityFibre come out again with dig team and manage to get the prepull done. So I contact Yayzi again and ask how I can rearrange the installation now the external work is ready…no answer.

So now I am left with no installation date and no way to schedule one and also the refund on the installation and service that I have not had has not happened as I was told it would.

Am I alone is this or is it common?


We we have to wait for CityFibre to come back to us and basically tell us we can now install this and organise a new install date. I’m going to chase this up for you now, but I’ll need you to DM here with your name and address.