Unable to get IPV4? - OPNSense

So i have been allocated a /29 ipv4 block,

i was able to get connection yesterday, no issues, however after a reboot of my OPNsense machine, im no longer able to connect.

Ive used all the same infomation i used previosly, ive tried changing my gateway to the one i have before, and no matter what i do, i cant seem to get a connection.

on vlan 911, tried everything i can think of.

anyone got any ideas or advise?

Is this bare metal or are you running Opnsense on a VM? In Opnsense, your WAN interface for ‘IPv4 Configuration Type’ is still set to DHCP?

If nothing has deffo changed, I would give your ONT a reboot and if still no IP, reboot your Opnsense box again.


If you’ve charged anything and it does an auto backup you could try a restore of your config.

If you have windows pc, some NICs allow you to set vlans if you plug an ethernet cable between it and the ONT

Got it sorted, after a ONT reboot, and full system reboot, it for some reason decided its not going to bind to the port, as soon as i told it to attach to the port again it worked instantly… no idea how or why that happened

I was using PFsense plus and used to have all sorts of funnies, that’s what made me change the booming thing.
DHCP not working after a reboot,
Web interface not working after a reboot
DNS issues
The final one was one of the modules buggered up when I was trying to do a meeting, and even after several resets and config restores it was the same, so its there as a backup.

My Opnsense was solid as a rock and I much prefer it to the UDM I am currently running. But, it just isn’t as shiny!

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