Upgrade to my package via Facebook messenger

Hi I have upgraded to 2.3gbps package but I still haven’t received any confirmation email about it on a engineer visit and new router being sent to support this new package as I still have the old ONT box and router, can I please get a response as I have enquired about this a few times now I get that there has been busy periods during the outage.

Hi Carl,

This is in progress for you, I did sent you an email back but I’ll resend for you :slight_smile:

I have checked both folders in my email address but nothing is it something to with outlook.com if so can you send it to [removed personal email] please and thanks for responding

Will resend shortly for you, just removed your email from the post :slight_smile:


Still no email :frowning:

I’ve not sent yet, bear with me :slight_smile:

@Yayzi_Team Just wanting to know how long this email will take to be sent sorry for being impatient and I know its busy timing right now with the recent outage also when I try to click on ‘Go to bills’ it doesn’t go to it on my online portal.

Any update on this email or can you just tell me what it says on here

@Yayzi_Liam I am still waiting for this email confirmation of the upgrade and an engineer visit to change the ONT 1gig also for a new router to be set out

Hi Carl,

The onboarding team will get on that this morning for you.

Join the club. Signed up for the 2GB package.
Raised on the 4th December 2023 with Yayzi that City Fibre had installed a 1GB ONT, Yayzi said they would book an engineer with CF to get it changed, raised again on the 1st of Feb and then again on the 27th of Feb. Not heard a thing 3 months later.

Every month I have to get in contact with Yayzi to amend my direct debit as i’m paying for a 2GB service i’m not getting.

@Yayzi_Team Must say i’m starting to get annoyed.

We’ll get on these this morning for you

Still no email :cry:

Hi its me again asking about the package I have upgraded to but yet to receive any form of confirmation on when CF will be coming out to change the ONT box from a 1gig to the 2.5gig box and also my a new router I made this upgrade on 13th March and its now 18th, it feels like I am talking to a brick wall in regards to this matter and whilst being on topic of talking why isn’t there a dedicated support phone number like other company’s have got Yazi has been operating for quite some time now you’d think the company would have this sorted by now.

Hi Carl,

We’re still awaiting CityFibre to confirm the ONT swap, we’ve just chased them again for you - Phone lines will be available within the next 3 weeks.

Okay so when will I receive my new router? Like I said I haven’t received any sort of information on this upgrade and also when I try to go see my bills it doesn’t load into it any reason to why that is.

@Yayzi_Team What if I was to buy a GPON ONT will it work?

TP-LINK Aginet 1 Port Gigabit GPON Terminal - XZ000-G3

any news on this email? its getting a bit beyond a joke having to wait this long for an email and confirmation of the new router being sent out, I don’t want to be paying for a service I am not receiving.

What email are you using Hotmail,outlook or gmail?