Using Deco X50 VDSL instead of provided router

About to make the switch from VM to Yayzi… and just want to check my logic…
Currently have a couple of X50 points in the house hard wired back to an X50 VDSL which is being used as the WiFi Router (VM box set to router mode… so nothing complicated there)
With a switch to Yayzi… I am assuming I will plug the X50 VDSL into the ONT provided by City Fibre (and not use the provided router)…
Will I need to switch the VDSL into modem router? or leave it at WiFi router?
Judicial use of didnt give me much to go on :slight_smile:

Hi sorry I’ve not come across your configuration before.
What you will need is an ethernet cable from the router to the ONT
The router port/interface IE out to Yayzi needs to be on vlan 911.
Speed, and duplex auto, DHCP so it picks up an IP address from Yayzi.
That’s all the config you should need to get the internet connection up from whatever router you use.

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ok should be doable from what I know of the deco’s :slight_smile:
Thank you! Will pull the pin on the order now!


It’s a great service, you’ll love it

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Well I’ve ordered it now… so I’ll let you know :smiley:
Just submitted a support ticket - there was nowhere on the signup pages to request the static IP option… so hopefully there’s not too many hoops to jump through to get it!

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If you went for the 1.2g pro you get a static IP

Weirdly I ordered 900plus, but they gave me 1.2g pro, not gonna complain at the free upgrade


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If you don’t need the router let them know and they will only charge you 25 quid for the install


well… I’m in and it’s all running on the Yayzi supplied router
Disconnected the provided router and plugged in my one…

I had a choice of DSL Modem Router or WiFi router… so selected WiFi Router…
Set Internet VLAN to 911… Priority to 0…

…and nothing :smiley:

If I go with DSL Modem Router… there’s a lot of choices such as PPPoE, Auto Sync-up and quite a few more

Anyone any suggestions if I need WiFi Router or DSL Modem Router mode?

The Deco X50 devices are not VLAN-aware, and will not send tagged packets across the wifi link. The TP-Link Omada APs can do a mesh, albeit without a third radio as a dedicated backhaul. They support VLANs across the mesh links

I could be wrong but i do not think the Deco mesh work with Vlan

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When searching, someone reckons they do support vlan id (ie Vlan 911) and 802.1Q tagging

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They must support it then I just googled it and found the info above. I must be wrong

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They definitely do VLAN 911…

Need to find the other part now you suggested

See url yours will show 802.1Q if supports it

Please connect Deco to the Ethernet port of the ONT with an Ethernet cable and follow the in-app instructions.

At the step where to enter your internet connection type and VLAN ID, Please select “Dynamic IP”…

Do you have that DHCP selected? The rest seems OK with the correct VLAN ID etc.

Don’t know that system at all but assume there’s somewhere you can check if you’re actually getting an IP assigned, as that seems to be the most common problem.


DHCP needs to be set to auto for the internet connection, to pick an IP address up from Yayzi.

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If the above doesn’t work, power cycle the ONT and if that doesn’t work, clone the MAC from the supplied Yayzi router.

If all else fails, use the Yayzi router lol

So… factory reset the X50s… tried various combinations… and nothing worked :frowning:
So have plugged the Yayzi router in… and that’s not getting internet either now… so something somewhere is playing silly beggars!

Have popped it on WhatsApp to them… they seem quick to reply so will await their suggestions

If I get the X50 solution cracked afterwards, I will add to this thread for future reference when people have the same question
If all else fails, I’ll just run them in AP mode - so get the mesh benefits without some of the extra bells and whistles … but good enough… once the Yayzi kit connects anyways :smiley:

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Honestly the AP mode option is the simplest, the routing functions aren’t anything special in this case and it won’t perform any different in that respect than the supplied Yayzi router.