Using Deco X50 VDSL instead of provided router

Good shout. One more plug that I was hoping to avoid, but will get the same net result
Will go that route as soon as they resolve the Yayzi router not getting internet :smiley:

Thanks for the help and advice everyone - really appreciated and great to see a lively community!

OK… so…
In case anyone else comes across this… it was simple enough :slight_smile:
X50 in WiFi router mode
Internet VLan on
VLan ID to 911 and Priority to 0
Set to Dynamic IP
…and off it goes :slight_smile:

So exactly what I was trying last night, but this time after something done at the Yayzi end by the network bods so it had a connection

Now to find out why the speedtest using the TPLink tool (so straight from the router) is showing wavy lines of 550 to 700 down and 360-430 up…

So was there an AP mode just for confirmation?

Yes, there is. The X50 DSL has DSL Modem Router, WiFi Router and Access Point options
I believe the ordinary X50 has the latter two options to play with
I purchased the DSL version alongside the normal X50s to cover all the bases … Virgin, BT ADSL…
but fortunately it also works with the Yayzi offering!