Using own ASUS AXE11000 or AXE16000 router

I am getting one of these routers before cityfibre install my ONT. my question is does anyone have any info or used one of these routers with Yayzi or another cityfibre provider. Also when they come and lay last bit of fibre and install ONT box then is it just a case of my putting Ethernet cable from the ONT to one of them routers and away I go or is there more involved?

Thanks in advance for help😊

I haven’t used either of the routers you’ve mentioned, however I do use my own router. The process is quite straightforward, you just put the ethernet cable from the ONT into the wan port of the router. The only additional step you’ll need to take is to ensure that you put a VLAN tag on the wan port and set it to 911.

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If there are any cheaper ones which have 2.5gig ports on them will they still work?


They should do - the key part is being able to set the VLAN tag, I was surprised I was able to do it on my router to be honest as it’s about 8 years old now

Okay thanks. If I search a specific router and check for vlan then it should say on google search.

Most routers support VLAN on the WAN Side. its LAN side many home/ pro/ gaming routers lack VLAN Support.

I have used a Synology RT6600AX which has 1x 2.5Gb WAN port and one LAN 2.5/1gb port and 3x 1gb ports… picked up <£300.

Tp-Link, Netgear have offerings just comes down to what your use case is.

most have 1x 2.5gb wan and 1x 2.5gb lan, some offer 2x 2.5gb lan ports but then they are pricer.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be OK. I have an Asus XT8 router and that works fine

Don’t buy ASUS, they have a horrible history, especially when it comes to security and faking data for test certifications etc. - can anyone think of another OEM that had to agree to decades of external audits as part of a settlement? The Flint 2 is £110-145, 2.5GB WAN/LAN and runs OpenWRT (which ASUS WRT is forked from), TPLink do a number of different options and the supplied Yayzi router (EX820v) is surprisingly decent, especially for the £99 price.

Ok I may just use the Yayzi router then and maybe update at later time. What speeds can i achieve on the 2.5gbps wireless though if I’m using a wifi6E adapter on pc for instance?

Ah. I didn’t see that you hadn’t already got it. If you haven’t I wouldn’t get one. I just wanted to let you know it probably will work if you’ve already got one