Very slow hard wired speeds all of a sudden

Hi Yayzi any ideas what going on tonight I rebooted but not helped much

Same here. Happens every night. Hoping it’s to do with the port speed that Yayzi are going to be upgrading as it’s pretty crap isn’t it? You should find it goes back to normal after a while.

Here’s mine:


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Hi to be honest not noticed until now, I hope this is not a ongoing thing.

Anyone know why there is no WiFi on my account?

Definitely to do with the port, but the upgrade is in progress :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I’d ignore the portal. It’s crap, we’re bringing a whole new system online soon.

We’ll be sharing some screenshots of the new portal in the next few days for feedback.

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Cheers for the honesty :slight_smile:

I’ve got slow WiFi tonight too went from 1.7gbps to 800-900mbps today

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How about beta testers? :joy:

Them speeds are mental 1700 download. What device & router is that on?

Just the supplied router

Oh okay I thought this was wireless speeds.

Yes it’s wireless speeds from the router using speed test on my phone

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I’ve never had speeds of 1700 on my phone mind you it’s only a Samsung s22 ultra so a bit old

I’m getting speeds of under 95 mbps upload and downloads on a wired connection :frowning: @Yayzi_Team please help.

Definatley something amiss @Yayzi_Team even slower than earlier