Virgin can have this back… Gladly


I’ll be joining you on 10th and leaving Virgin behind for good


Ha! I had so much fun trying to get them to pick up the hub from me if they wanted it back - there’s no drop off point anywhere near me. Every time I went on chat I was told it would be sorted, but a few days later I’d get yet more boxes delivered to package it up and then threats of being charged! It took 4 attempts before someone finally got the gist and sorted someone to pick it up from me rather than sending more boxes. Priceless.

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Well, since I can’t drive, I’d have had to have walked an hour to my nearest yodel shop if it weren’t for my mum taking it for me :joy:

I got a survey from Virgin, had to fill it in honestl

When asked for an answer, I gave: “Upload speed is appalling and there is no need for price rises, which my current provider demonstrates”


LOL! Sent mine off the other day … good riddance.

Apparently the Super Hub 5 is valued at £65 :thinking: same price as 1 months service on 1 gig down (100Mbps up) :clown_face: :joy:

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They priced my Hub3 at £40. Not even worth £10 tbh and the WiFi pod at £35, again, not a chance