VLAN Tagging not supported

Upon looking up a new router which i may purchase to use with Yayzi its showing as neither of these support VLAN tagging. doers this mean they wont work with this service? See attachedpic

That seems odd. The GT-AX6000 does have VLAN tagging (in the 802.1q section of the WAN settings) but yes, VLAN tagging is required to connect to Yayzi. I have the GT-AX6000 and it’s a good router

Yes i know. If anyone else has either of these router and use it with Yayzi can you let me know if and how good they work. and i am open to other recommendations

I’m not an ASUS fan, but the AXE16000 runs a fork of OpenWRT (hint: If you have to use an ASUS product, use the Merlin firmware here if one exists for your router (basically needs to be a Mediatek chipset), and OpenWRT 100% supports VLAN tagging, even the stock ASUS firmware contains the option.

If you want other suggestions, I personally prefer to split routing, switching and wifi as it makes it easy to upgrade or expand a specific area efficiently and cheaply rather than buying an expensive AIO device, but I accept i’m not ‘typical’. In terms of an AIO SoC like your ASUS, the Flint 2 is the closest thing you’ll find. It can run vanilla OpenWRT and they’re moving towards a custom image now, but if you’ve already got the ASUS and are outside the return window, then you’re probably going to find it easier to stick as you are.

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