VOIP recommendations?

Hi… anybody using any and can recommend one to consider?
I just came across bonline and actually considering them… not bad unlimited for £9.99


I have used voipfone previously with good results, depends what you are looking for. @Yayzi_Team did mention they were looking to add a voip service iirc.

I use same, voipfone, but only to keep old landline number i ported in. As had it for ages. Service seems reliable.

Just literally started a trial with Voipfone this week. All seems good so far. Number ports on Monday from VM and when the trial ends, it’s a £6 rolling contract for 100 mins which is fine for me as it’s more a case of having the line to receive calls. Support is very good, unless you need to get anything working with Opnsense!!


I use AlohaTelecom, used them for around a decade now, and typically a fraction of the price of the residential targeted providers like VoipFone.

7 quid/month for 2000 land-line and/or mobile minutes, and international dirt cheap as well. The 7.quid includes 3 incoming numbers as 3.

We also use Numbergroup, and they’re good.

Both of those providers support SIP over TLS, and SRTP for secure voice calls, even in 2024 most residential SIP providers are still unencrypted.

Honorable mention to A&A who are cheap for incoming, not cheap for outgoing, but very technical tech support should you need them.

A&A is awesome… got it working in minutes as its working with the EX820v which has in built ATA adapter!

should of done this earlier rather then waiting for @Yayzi_Team to bring out the telephone service which I doubt be coming out any time soon!

Do you have a link for aloha telecom?

I called a company after Google search and they don’t offer for residential lines

You can signup with them here: VoipYonder is their brand name for their self service VOIP.