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I recently moved from Virgin to Yayzi and it’s been lovely, aside from one thing!
I play Konami rhythm games on my PC, and you have to log in via a website before the client will launch.

Since moving to Yayzi, I’ve been getting a white page with “Not Found” at the top left instead of the page I should be getting. I’ve already contacted support about this and also sent an email to Konami (we’ll see if Konami even responds lol).

It’s the same on every device, it’s 100% an ISP/Konami issues, but this leads my to my question - is it the same for you guys?

Please let me know if this website works for you as it’s very frustrating not being able to play one of the games I’m most popular for on stream, and this would help me a lot in my research.
My IP starts 154.xx

Thank you!

Our network team are on this for you, bit of an odd error to say not found :thinking:

We’ll get it figured out for you :slightly_smiling_face:


To be fair Konami are known for their somewhat… Dubious translations sometimes LOL.
Thank you! I was honestly just curious if it was affecting all consumers or what the dealio was, in case I need to bother Konami again.

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Works fine for me

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Thanks for checking!
What does your IP start with if you don’t mind me asking?

just tested , i can get to it from 185.x.x.x network resolves to	   284	IN	CNAME	30	IN	A

@Grumpus : You say accessing the site fails from “every device”,

What DNS server are you using - wondering if its just a name resolution issue? Try flushing the cache/dns on you browser /device, see if that helps.

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Thanks for testing - this is great to know.
I was using Google’s DNS, however I’ve had a new router in today and tried with ISP DNS which was the same story sadly, flushed everything from every device I’ve tried it on and still no luck.

I’m using cloudflare and quad 9 and

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Nah no luck, gotta be something to do with the IP I guess.

Have you tried another device just because you can? Just to see if that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve tried 4! Lol. ;D

Yeah, fine for me from my 185 and I also tried via a US IP via VPN (as most of the geo issues are down to US IP addresses) and was still OK. Crazy looking web site!!

Are you using the Yayzi supplied router? It does seem either a DNS or firewall blocking issue. If you’re not using the Yayzi router, do you have your previous one you could try with? Can you access other .jp web sites?

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I’m also using the cloudflare DNS

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If I use a JP VPN I can log in no problem - the issue with me doing that is I’d have to run a VPN on my PC and not just the browser to keep the game client connected, which isn’t possible as I need to be able to stream at the same time.

Other JP websites work fine, I was using a GT-AXE11000 and upgraded to a GT-AXE16000 today, same with both of them. I could try the Yayzi router, but I have a feeling it’d be a fruitless endeavour… Unless it gets really desperate :wink:

Re: crazy website, it is absolutely awful lmao. They call it the “eamuse labyrinth” on some pages, and I can completely see why. It’s so annoying to find settings and stuff for games… Yet another thing that shows Konami are so out of touch…

Hum… Internet has been out for about 15 mins now (plugged the supplied router in to check), hopefully that means something is happening and I’m not just without a connection lol :sob:

Lmao. And our water is off too. Can’t decide which I’d rather have back :stuck_out_tongue:


No issues here on 79.135.x.x

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Sounds a good time to move house lol


Here’s a question: Does the type of internet available, factor in to where people live?

I’m one of those! Moved about 5 times in the last 7 years, purposely avoided places with slow connections, even if they looked nice.
I had Virgin ADSL and they would cap my speeds to about 10KB/s until it hit 12am, then it would be fine until either 10am on weekends or until 6pm on weekdays, couldn’t play games online at all, couldn’t watch YouTube, could just about surf 4chn… :grimacing: I ended up having my sleep patterns around good internet times LOL. Also explains why so many of my online friends were American…

I am never having less than “really really fast” ever again. Water, gas, electric, I’d say it’s as imperative to have a fast connection as it is to not have your water coming out green.
As time goes on, usage and utility will go up, most likely a much bigger increase than any utility if you think about it!

Still no internet btw. Restarted at the wall box (whatever it’s called) and nada, blinking internet light.

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All sorted now, got a new IP assigned and now everything works.
In my experience with ISPs, this was a very speedy fix.

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