Weird jitter in games

I’ve been experiencing weird jitter that only really rears it’s head when gaming, it’s not a latency issue as everything is registering as <10ms on basically any European server I connect to, but I get occasional spikes in ping to 150-170ms according to Counter-Strike’s own in game network issue graph that pops up whenever it detects a problem with the connection.

I’ve noticed it in some other games as well, but they’re less “important” when it comes to this so it’s easy to work around and play.

I’ve switched out the DNS on the Router (EX230v) provided by Yayzi to and, I’ve tried the alternative as well, as well as Google’s DNS ( & and it still has the same issue.

Same with QoS, I’ve tried both WRR and PQ, my computer is the only thing connected to the router so I set the weighting to the max on WRR and set my interface to be in that group and the upstream bandwidth to 500000kbps just in case it was a bandwidth issue, but still the same issue no matter which combination of things I try.

I am on the 149.18.87.X range currently, Dynamic IP setup on the router as that’s what is included with my package as far as I’m aware.

I have very similar issues with Fortnite so it’s interesting that other games are having similar problems. I’m on 185…