Weird picture for support via Whatsapp?


I just joined Yayzi and the welcome email had a number on it for Whatsapp support, but the picture seems off?

Its been like this for about a week now. Seem to think the number they used is no longer theirs.

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Very odd, we’ve not had that number for over a month now, we changed so we could get the WhatsApp linked to our support system, new one: +447356076644

If you could report that number if possibe :slight_smile:

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Will do, but you should update your welcome email to reflect it :smiley:

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Mind me asking why you guys changed numbers as surely you could have linked the old one? Bit odd looking on my phone to see a women as the yayzi support lol

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Looks like an AI generated photo, probably used by a scammer

That email was from:

from: Software Support [email protected]
date: Apr 5, 2024, 12:10 AM
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Oh ffs who have I been sexting?!

Not Yayzi that’s for sure :joy:

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“Hey Baby, my broadband is down, so I can’t send the nudes or the money you asked for the flight to come see me, xxx”

Reply: “I need that money to recharge my internet”

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She swore I was the only one :smiley: