Whats best for better coverage

Im in a three bedroom house but struggle to get good coverage downstairs, Any options or could I get a mesh from Amazon for example the Eero max 7?

If you own the house, get Ethernet run through the walls and hardwire an access point or two. This is what I did as the mesh system I was using before hand was…. Awful, 1930s house though so thick walls


I have brick walls throughout a 3 bedroom house (with extension on lower floor) and use a 4 deco mesh system. I can get Wi-Fi everywhere in the house, including top of my drive to the bottom of my garden. I have turned my Wi-Fi off on the Yayzi router and have my deco’s in access point mode.

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I would avoid Eero at all costs, between the privacy issues and the performance issues it’s not a great option.

See: Amazon eero Max 7 Review: The Worst Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Approach | Dong Knows Tech

What does that leave? Well, with a few small caveats I really like TP-Link Deco. Why? Well if I tell you all the things I don’t like first it’s probably easier. I don’t like that TPL have more hardware revisions than intel rolls out chip stepping’s, you can only have two SSID’s (guest and main), and firmware parity often takes weeks or months across revisions/generations, you can’t set wifi channel use and finally they have a nasty habit of choosing wifi uplinks over hard wired (this is actually logical if it’s faster). So why on earth do I recommend them? They work well, TPL has a long proven track record on support for the ecosystem, they will intelligently route, it’s easy to upgrade if you need faster or more nodes/ports and honestly I can put them into service with family members and literally never get a call about them because they work and stay working. You can also manage blocking from the app and in router mode you can do most of the basic management that you would want (eg rules for kids devices). As long as you are realistic and don’t expect them to perform miracles (eg pass signal through more than one solid wall), and can ideally hard wire backhaul runs, they are pretty much my standard now, and I say that as someone with a bunch of Ubiquiti AP’s ranging from a U6 Pro down.


Thanks all some great advice :), I think the hard wired option with an AP will be best, is Netgear any good ref NETGEAR WAX625 WiFi 6, or Ubiquiti best choice

I’ve got the same configuration :+1:

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I do have an Archer AX6000 that I thought I could use as an extender but hell no cant even find how to add the wireless band under my EX820v LOL,

I just over complicated it, Its now setup as an extender so thats my temp fix for now woop

Hello guys,

What about the TP-Link Deco BE65 BE9300


Would love to know if anyone have used it and how do you feel about it.

Let’s deal with the obvious, wifi is inherently suited to mobile devices as a convenience, generally you find those devices to have limited storage and run on batteries, the majority being mobiles and tablets. Based on that they tend to be used for consumption of media, your top end commercial 4K streaming service is 45Mbit, a REMUX is 100Mbit (some break the rules and go higher in certain scenes), so what’s the point in dropping £649 on a 3 pack of devices that you will never utilise outside of benchmarks that won’t give you 2.5Gbit over wireless due to the way wifi works?

If you want guaranteed speed and low latency, buy a cable and run it to a device with a 2.5Gb port, if you want gigabit wifi run cables to each location and put a x20 or x50 on the end of it, both will saturate gigabit near enough and save you over £500.

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I had one gave the exact same speeds as the provided router in locations around the house so it got sent back