Where would I find my service refrence number

Hi there, where would I find my service reference number? I have not received any emails with this info so cannot make an account without it.

Planing on upgrading to 2.3 gig but can’t as there is no way for me to log in cheers in advance.

I also have this problem, I just have a Order Reference: P-01869-1874-14959, which is not the format it is asking for

If I’m correct there should be another number under the order reference in your e-mail starting with “YAYZI” it should take that number, I hope.

thanks for the reply, but there isn’t.

awe that’s rubbish, send an e-mail to [email protected], see if they can help you out with that, @Yayzi_Team can you help?

So update to all below, they took a little time but fixed the issue so give it time send them a dm