Why has my static IP address changed again

My static IP address has changed again knocking off 5 of my servers. This is really out of order. If you are planning a change of static IP then please give us notice. What are we paying for here. ? I would like to think that the money I pay each month is for a consistent stable service. Instead I have a service which constantly works at a slower than guaranteed speed and has had 3 different static IP addresses in the 5 months I have been with you. This is of course breach of contract which if it keeps happening I will be taking legal advice on getting out of my contract with you and changing to a more reliable service.

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Slower than advertised… how? I agree with the IP address stuff, but I am paying for 1.2gb down and 1gb up and I’m getting precisely that

What issue are you having with speed? Are you on a wired connection? Wifi will always be worse

I pay for 1.2 gig down and I am very lucky if I reach a speed of 900 meg. That is having my pc wired direct to the modem with nothing else plugged into it. It has got better lately and the speed really is not my issue. The service I pay for states a free static IP address. Why does it keep changing. This is the whole reason I came with Yayzi to have a guaranteed static IP address.

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I agree with you and it worries me, I seem to have a static IP, but my router doesn’t get rebooted if I can help it. I hope it remains static, otherwise I need to update my cloudflare tunnel manually

Is your PC 2.5g capable? you’ll never get more than 940mb/s if you only have a gig capable NIC on your PC

Maybe thats the case. Like I say its not the speed that really bothers me it is the static IP Address.

I dont think we are on static ip addresses otherwise they wouldnt change!! This has been since they migrated me to the new 185.210 range.

Cloudflare tunnels don’t require a publicly routable IP, presume you mean updating your DNS to point to a new IP?

Yes, sorry. I am going to setup DDNS updates just in case

I keep thinking of paying the extra couple of quid for a static IP, do many people have issues with it changing?

I’m on 141.11.200.x and been on it since the issues in March, rebooted Opnsense multiple times, IP is sticking like sh#t to a shoe. Zero geo location issues, other than the daily latency spike at 6PM, it’s been dandy for me.
There’s numerous people posting of losing their IP though. YMMV at the minute I suspect.

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I’m on that range and it’s telling me I’m based in the USA my Xbox won’t work for rewards but everything else is updated try the WiFi toolkit from tp link and see where you’re located

I could go on and on looking at different geo databases, but the main ones (especially maxmind) shows correct.

Mine changed overnight too, messaged on Whatsapp and got told it would be looked into immediately then silence! Worried they’ve found a issue they can’t easily fix as this appears to be a recurring problem…

I am on the 141.11.200.x and i have been on a static ip for last 2 weeks as i do an auto router reboot every couple of days and always get the same ip back. As for speeds im on the 2.5gb package and always hit the full speed on wired and 1.2gb on wifi

Keep up the good work Yayzi :facepunch:

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We’ve made some amendments which means you are now all on a static and it will not change.

Seemingly a few of you weren’t on a static but that has now been corrected, so you shouldn’t have any issues now. Any geo stuff we’ve got a person dedicated to dealing with that now :slightly_smiling_face:


My Ip has changed too I was promised static one and it keeps changing!!!

I’m meant to have a static and my IP has changed again too.

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Mine has changed again - what’s going on?

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We’re looking at this now for you guys

Mine has changed a few times. I thought maybe I need to request a static one? Will you guys sort it from your end?