Wifi and Ethernet connection lost

Hi there,

I’ve lost all internet via both wifi and ethernet. The ‘internet’ light on the router panel has intermittently gone red since the early hours this morning, ie for around five hours. I have a tp -link AX6000.

The junction box on the wall from which the Ethernet cable originates has three solid green lights with the fourth flashing green.

Would anyone be able to advise?

I’ve tried several router restarts and the Yayzi WhatsApp has not replied.

My Speedtest app doesn’t work - it simply states unstable or no internet connection.

Kind regards, Lee

Hi Lee,

We had a small issue on the network when doing our infrastructure move, you should be back online now.


Glad it wasn’t just me, but mine has literally come back within the last few minutes.


Great stuff, Liam. I appreciate the speedy response. Lee