Wifi drops on a regular basis

Good Morning,

I’ve only just joined but have noticed that my wifi frequently drops out and the speed isn’t what the routers burb says its capable off? The signal says its high but it just loses connection. I was getting a rock solid 900mbps on my hub5 but on this router EX820v i’m lucky if i get over 500mbps is there any fixes for this or firmware updates or settings I need to enable?


Hi Adam


Have you looked at: Getting the Best Out of Your EX820v Router with a Few Tweaks


If the SSID (WiFi name) is the same (most providers are) I would separate them so that you can connect to 5Ghz which might help.

I’ll try this out today

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Any luck @Adam

Nope this is still happening and the ethernet dropped for a second whilst i was playing a game just.