Yayzi broadband and using 2400 `Mbps power line adapters to create a wired network


I’m going wired at my property. To do this I’m using 2400 G.nn tp-link power line adapters and a 2.5GbE Ethernet adapter, plugged into the USB C plug on mu iPad Pro.

It’s supposed to be a self configure plug units in, let them pair and away you go full speed (on 1GB download service in my case)

However I’m only getting up to 100 Mbps via Speedtest.

Is there any configuration need doing anywhere in the chain to increase speed?

Thanks in advance


Hi Ian!

Welcome to Yayzi and the forums.

Unfortunately your set up with powerlines is very unlikely to achieve even gigabit speeds. Powerline adapters in all honesty are awful, you’d actually achieve better with a mesh network over a poweline.

Also pairing powerline then to USB-C adapter is very likely causing your low speeds.

First thing to do is plug your iPad Pro into the LAN4 of our router via the adapter you’ve got. This should give you better results and help you narrow down where your issue may be. We’ll be here to help should you need anything.

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This value is very specific, if you take a look at the ethernet cable being used could you check it has 8 cores and not 4?

The Powerlines you mentioned seem to be up to 1428 Mbps capable. But this is in an ideal lab condition, which as you can imagine isn’t anything like being at home.

Could you also confirm what the USB C Adapter is and what generation of iPad Pro you own?

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That is very odd, what happens directly plugged into the router if you don’t mind testing :slight_smile:

I would also mention your IP is listed on the picture if you would like to hide it :slight_smile:

You don’t have any coax sockets you could use instead do you, as you could go down the MOCA 2.5 route where you should be able to get > 1Gb speeds? It will depend on the length of coax but I can saturate a 1Gb NIC running over a pretty long length of cable. I have used various Powerline adapters in the past and never got anywhere near the advertised speeds on any of them.


I’ll second the vibes here. I used to have very similar powerline adapters, but I ripped them out in preparation for getting Yayzi!

My 2000Mbps adapters gave me 200Mbps speed in the real world. So I found them competitive with WiFi 5. But WiFi 6 is better. Regardless the biggest problem, for me, with the powerline adapters was they occasionally lose the connection.

With any luck you’re in the cooling off period and you can return the powerline adapters. Then maybe you can run slim ethernet? Or else WiFi 6.

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I don’t think PowerLine can actually do 2000Mbps in the real world. Which is why its so annoying that they advertise shit like this.


That does sound about right for the dumpster fire that is powerline…

Powerline doesn’t like jumping ring mains… it looses a lot of speed when it has to do that

My advice would be to run Ethernet to network points if at all possible

I had 2 “gigabit capable” poweline adapters in the SAME double socket for testing and I get 150mbps

Bottom line: Powerline is probably the worst network product ever, you would have a better chance shoving shit through a sieve than you will getting anywhere close to even a good wifi router speed than you will with powerline

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“Competitive with Wifi 5” I mean, I guess, if you misconfigure your wifi 5 AP’s… I can get 500/500 on Wifi 5, granted that is in the same room, outside of said same room I get 350-400/450, with Unifi AC Pro AP’s

I am going to be upgrading to wifi 7, when I can afford it. I mean, I don’t NEED to, but I want to

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