Yayzi New Customer Promise!

Could Yayzi please agree or disagree with this statement please?

To all new customers at Yayzi.
Thank you for your patience in becoming part of a newly set up privately owned I.S.P.
We know that there have been issues that many of you have weathered. We have done our best to address every problem but we know that some of you have been inconvenienced.
In recognition of our new customers patience and support we would like to offer all new customers that have joined, up to 31/12/23, a price freeze promise. Yayzi will not increase your contract subscription for the unbroken lifetime of your contract with Yayzi. No price hikes! No inflation rises! No resetting your contract. One, now, lifetime price.

Your thoughts?

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It was already set at 3 years anyway…

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Loyal Yayzi Customers do need encouragement to maintain their contract commitment.

Help is very important when there are service disruptions as we become more dependent on Fibre Optic connections, just like other utilities.

We also understand Yayzi is one of New Companies which is providing City Fibre and hope services will improve with customer’ contact commitment.

Hey Dick,

Anyone who has joined Yayzi in the last 3 months will have a 3-year price guarantee, which means absolutely no prices for anything at all. We will always look to extend that if possible. We’re not in this to be greedy.

Yayzi Support Team

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Three year price guarantee?
That’s vey fair.
Thank you. :+1:

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