Yayzi sending out returned equipment?

Are Yayzi routers “refurbished”? I’ve received my non-pro router today and it’s filthy and there’s pen marks all around where the reset hole is. I’m going to clean it with some IPA so it should be fine after a proper clean, but it doesn’t really give a good first impression.

I can’t answer for others but the one I received was brand new.

Apologies for that, we don’t send out refurbished ones. It may have been put back into stock by accident. Would you like us to send you a new one?


I’m all for preventing waste. So I’ll give it a good clean up and test that it works when I go live on Friday. If so then it saves the bother of swapping. If it doesn’t work I can connect a different router I have to the ONT temporarily and then I’ll get in touch for a swap if needed.