Yayzi's truthful new promo campaign. (NOT)

Yayzi broadband. Great price! Huge bandwidth!

Roll up roll up roll up!


  1. You might not get a router straight away.
  2. You might not get a router for up to two months.
  3. You might not get a router at all.
  4. You might not get a stable connection.
  5. You might not get the advertised bandwidth.
  6. You might not get any streaming media because your I.P. is not registered in the U.K. and therefore not recognised for copyright purposes by the streaming media companies.
  7. You might not get any responses to any issues that you may have for a very long time.
  8. There will always be a perfectly reasonable excuse to all the above.
  9. Yayzi and Cityfibre are not too well aquainted yet.
  10. Yayzi is a small new company privately owned by two people and possibly run by two people but they are expanding their company footprint to accommodate the huge and unexpected demand for their service.
  11. Yayzi really do appreciate your patience whilst they try to provide you with the service that they offered you but clearly do not have the resources in place to provide.
  12. Yaysi will bill you automatically from day one despite any issues you may have had or promises to the contrary because no one checks the automated billing system.
  13. When it is working it will be wonderful but do you have the strength, the fortitude, the single-mindedness, the vision, the all encompassing patience (that is a virtue that most people can’t get quickly enough)?



Roll up roll up roll up!


Hi Dick,

I’m sensing that you may have an issue?

Yayzi Support Team


With respect to all, I think you have gone live before you were ready. Let’s say all the wasted time I have spent in sorting this out is my support for your new venture.
Now crack on please and be the best you can be.