Yayzu Wifi speeds vs mobile network speed

Did a wifi speed test on my tplink router by yayzi the speeds isnt that good thats why i asked about wifi speed guarantee two screen shots below of my actual wifi speeds using citylinks speed tests one of my mobile provider 3 but using id mobile.
The other actaully from yayzi.

Your 5G speeds are decent, i’m with Voxi (Vodafone) and they’re poor in my area.

did you do a wired speed test on a laptop / PC.

also try wifiman.com seems to be faster (see screenshots)

oh and hide your IP :wink:

It looks like 2.4Ghz band speeds. Drop us a DM and we can take a look for you.

Hi told me to dm you due to the wifi running with 2.4ghz speeds.
This is my speed with wifiman.com

As per the previous thread, wifi has many, many variables, the device you test on, the location/what’s between you and the router - eg thick solid walls, how busy the environment is, if you’re using non overlapping channels, heck even a dodgy suppressor on a fridge/freezer etc. or a load of other networks in close proximity can cause issues. Personally, anything that can be is hard wired, anything else will likely only ever pull a 30-40Mbit for a 4K stream anyway.

If you need improved coverage, Yayzi offer additional nodes for ‘soon’ to be £10/m, but they really benefit from a wired backhaul (a physical cable back to the router), you can buy the retail version of what you have, the TP-Link Deco’s (same story on wired backhaul), but a pair will set you back £100. You can run them without a wired backhaul, but again, speeds will depend on the link between the device and the unit it connects to and the speed between that unit back to the router.