149.18.87. address is geolocated in US


My “static” IP changed last weekend to a 149.18.87. one which is geolocated in the US according to most places I’ve checked. This probably explains why some others have experienced Netflix & Disney+ issues. It’s also preventing me from using my employer’s VPN because they block non-UK traffic. The Fortinet checker https://www.fortiguard.com/services/ipge shows the issue. It’s possible to complete the form to appeal but this needs to be done by Yayzi. I assume it also needs doing at a higher level to resolve the issues for everyone.

Any Yayzi people who can help out?


So we found a couple of geolocation databases where it is showing incorrect information. Despite us having this addresses for almost a year.

We will get straight on this, appreciate that!

FYI info from Fortinet -

We are getting this classification from cogent’s geofeed (https://geofeed.cogentco.com/geofeed.csv). According to Arin Whois, the IP range [] is reassigned from cogent to Yayzi. We recommend that you ask Yayzi to reach out to Cogent asking to fix the data in their geofeed file. Once they do this, it will automatically reflect in our data within a few business days.

I’m having this same issue too - I can’t access ITV Hub or Sky Go etc

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All been updated guys, appreciate that!

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Can confirm ITV Hub didn’t work - now does (On a 149.18.86.x range)

I’m seeing the same issue with a 149.18.86 address, with the Channel 4 app not allowing streaming.

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Seems the issue is back with a new IP…


Mines never been fixed, I have to VPN my home network to the UK so the VPN on my corporate laptop will connect😂

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We’re just waiting for a couple of databases to update, expected to be sorted over the next few days :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your IT department can whitelist your IP to fix this for you, the approach is often risk averse eg ban anything that’s vaguely questionable, then deal with the minor number of exceptions.

I work in the networks team but due to our business can not whitelist without going through the full change req process. It’s less effort for me to just VPN the VPN :joy:

Plus the repeated work if my static IP changes again in the near future :grimacing:

Still incorrect geolocation at ipgeolocation.io, ipbase.com & cogentco.com. If you could contact (via their form) cogentco that would fix the issue for many users due to the amount for Fortigate kit used at enterprise level. Fortinet use the Cogenctco list.

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Seem to have the same issue with - seems to think it’s in new jersey and I can’t access loads of stuff if someone could update that would be great cheers

When is this going to be fixed! I have been patient and yet still no resolve. My wifes work VPN will not work and her IT is saying its our problem to fix!

We have to wait for the geo-location databases to be updated. We’ve submitted request to any that have been reported to us

These still reporting incorrect location:

Cognentco - [email protected] (This is used by many companies for their geolocation feeds)

My IP address changed overnight (why am I paying for a static IP if it changes?). Now, the new IP address is showing as New Jersey in more places. Speedtest is using New Jersey servers by default (previously it was always UK servers). The Channel 4 app is still not working, after several weeks.

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We’ve provided our geofeed to the relevant databases, we’re just awaiting them to be updated.

I’ve just pushed for another update and an urgent resolution on this. Also side note, does anyone work for Sky? :smiley:

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Just had this update below

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