2.3GB Pro Service

What’s the roleout progress on this, anyone live on it yet…?


Lots of customers going live on 14th November! :slight_smile:

Yayzi Support Team

Still waiting contact from you guys, my current services goes offline on 16th…

I have City Fibre attending on 13th November.

What’s the chances of me being onboarded…?

I spoke to Liam Mulryan on live chat over a week ago and was told to expect contact within 48 hours and switching on the 16th shouldn’t be an issue.

Here we are on the 13th no contact from Yayzi, I need to make a decision if I need to cancel my disconnection from my current provider or not.

I understand you are all busy making these updates but no internet is not an option for me unfortunately, I need reliability and consistent actions.

Let me know either way.

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An update from me. CityFibre don’t quite seem to know what they’re doing with these upgrades.
CityFibre arrived about 09:00. Didn’t really seem to know why they were here. When I explained it was about upgrade to 2.5Gbps and I was expecting a new ONT he looked a bit nonplussed. He didn’t have one, so he set off to find one. About 15 minutes after he left, the Internet connection failed. I contacted him and he explained he was off on an 80km round trip to collect the ONT.
He arrived back at about 12:00 and after an hour of contacting people and shuffling me to the top of the provisioning queue, he advised that the ONT was successfully connected.
Unfortunately, my connection hasn’t come back. I asked if it still needed VLAN 911 configured and he had no idea what I was talking about.

I have emailed Yayzi support to see what they can do.
I knew I was an early adopter, so no complaints about the issues but I thought I’d share so other early adopters are informed.


My ONT was replaced this morning right now no internet but hopefully it will start working soon and I can share some data :slight_smile:

I have exactly same experience with City Fibre. vID 911 apparently stays the same.
Please let me know if you get your internet sorted .

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All part of the fun.
Just to add a bit of complexity, I’m using my own router.

Yayzi support has been very responsive.

I’m going to reset my router in case it’s holding on to some old config.

Haha me too I am on Asus Ax88u Pro. Just hopping they can sort this out today .
I am just about to plug their router to see if this makes any changes

Similar. I’m on an Asus XT8 router with 3 XDN4 mesh nodes.

I have just switched to Yayzi router and still nothing.

I have just 1 extra mesh node my old ax88u non pro .Works perfect:-)

yes ill be using my own router, currently do with other service provider…

OK, if it doesn’t work with Yayzi own router, there’s an error somewhere between CityFibre and Yayzi.

I’ll be in serious trouble if it’s not back by the time the boss gets home from work :smiley:

Hey guys,

Don’t worry we’re on this as a matter of urgency!

Yayzi Customer Support


A message just pinged in from CityFibre:

“ Welcome to CityFibre Hypercare. Your Yayzi broadband service is now live.

As part of the CityFibre service you receive a free 28 days period of Hypercare to ensure you have optimal performance.

In the event you do experience any issue, please contact Yayzi who will have the detail of your install.”

Still doesn’t work though.

I had this message 10 min after they left and that was at 10am haha

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Yayzi Team would you mind answering the original question in this post…

I think they have, they are rolling out now apparently me and few other guys today more customers tomorrow.
When I spoke to them we are first few to go live to work out the process etc.
Hence no internet today me and the other guy .