Erratic connection this evening

My connection keeps dropping with error message in my router similar to what I was getting yesterday wrt DHCP not functioning correctly.

Is anyone else experiencing problems?


Is it still quite erratic now?

Yayzi Support Team

Wasn’t great over night

Yes, I have a thread on it here and there are others with similar issues. The IP lease is incredibly short so any instability in the line, or particularly heavy demand on their DHCP server means there isn’t enough time to renew the lease before it expires.

As I mentioned in your other thread, while I don’t have any more authoritative information than you do about Yayzi’s particular setup, and I do agree lease times could be longer, I really doubt this is a DHCP issue. Just as in your thread, it’s way more likely to be a general connectivity issue (or other problem lower than DHCP).

An issue with the global DHCP setup would see every single customer having intermittent failures to renew their leases during these periods. If @cjwilber is seeing an 8 hour solid outage like this, where not even a single renewal request makes it through, then logic dictates there should be multiple other users with sustained outages or very consistent intermittent drops during this same time period - but I don’t see any evidence of that on the forums yet.

I agree with @Peter. It looks like a local CityFibre issue. I’ll keep an eye on it today.
Meanwhile, I have updated my router settings to static ip, so that’s reduced the DHCP burden :wink:

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Guys, I’d like to monitor and add to the info here…

Any tools that you’d recommend?

I’m down south near Bournemouth and haven’t experienced any of the same issues but the drops could be insignificant so I didn’t notice.

Where in the country are you based? Are you on static IP’s?


Think this is probably a CityFibre issue - we’ve not had any dropouts on the network in the last 24 hours.

Yayzi Support Team

To be fair, I’d expect you to know that. I can’t see anything about CityFibre availability, but you guys ought to be able to.