IP address still on 149


Can Admin help with this, I’m still unable to access the national lottery as I’ve been advised that I’m still on an IP address starting with 149 and thinks I’m in the USA. I’m not very techy so would appreciate any help.


We’ll get you switched overnight :slight_smile:

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Any chance of switching myself too keep messaging but been ignored for 4 days now I’m in 141 range with the same issue

You’re on a 141 but having issues with national lottery?

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Having issues with being located in Hannover united states so Xbox rewards won’t work

Ah gotcha, sorry. Thought you had issues getting on National Lottery. Will take a look for you

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Thank you aparently 185 works fine according to other posters see below for current issue you’ve fixed quite a few already it’s just this last hurdle then we should be sorted and ignored is a strong word let’s say overlooked as I know you guys n gals are busy

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m on 141 and my Xbox rewards had stopped working, I wondered what had caused it! Most geo databases have me located in Blackpool, but I’m guessing whatever Microsoft use isn’t updated.

What’s the site in your screenshot?

Looks like an app, but would love to know which one it is

Hi it’s tp links own app called WiFi toolkit ignore the speed test results

I’m having the same issue every other issue has been sorted

The app also shows my 141 IP address as Hanover, New Hampshire, US. Odd as it’s the only DB I’ve found that doesn’t resolve me to Blackpool.

Just an update @Yayzi_Team it would seem that the isp technicolour SA that this issue is showing was taken over by vantiva in 2022 so in order to update the location you may want to contact them Contact - Vantiva

Hope that helps :grin::+1:

Any updates ? Still not working @Yayzi_Team

We’ve contracted the geo database provider, they’re updating on the next update :slightly_smiling_face:

Excellent ! Hopefully it’s not too long then it will be running perfectly :grin::grin::grin: was it the correct people to contact from my info ? Thanks

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Any updates ? @Yayzi_Liam @Yayzi_Team if not I’d appreciate being swapped into the 185 range as whilst I appreciate you’re getting it sorted maybe you should swap people into working ones while it’s sorted then redistribute these when they are all fixed ?

I believe we’re expecting the database to be updated this week. But I can get you swapped over if you prefer not to wait? We’re easy going :slightly_smiling_face:


@Yayzi_Team Yes please as long as the new one works lol and it’s static

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