IP Geolocation Issues (Please Read)

To tidy this forum up a bit as there seems to be a fair few duplicate posts about IP Geolocation issues. Please reply to this post (or follow) if you have an issue so that it can be tracked. This way @Yayzi_Team can simply reply to this forum with all the updates instead of the numerous posts.

As a note if you are going to post screenshots or links please make sure your full IP Address isn’t visible. All that needs to be noted is the first 3 octets (172.16.0.X)


This has been a problem for me from around the 5th June. I have email’s between myself & your support account. IP Range is 154.60.95.x
It shouldn’t take this long to get IP location DB’s updated. Also support note that other vendors are having issues, however on checking with VM, Vodafone, O2 & BT they are OK. Someone ready needs to get a handle on this problem.

Hi Drax,

I can confirm that all the database corrections have been done. The wait is for the actual services to do the updates. It can take some time for that to happen and that is something that is completely out of our control.

We have a company doing this for us now and I can assure you its priority number one for us.

I’m having problems with Sky TV downloads
I try but receive this message
“Failed,Location check failed”
Any help would be appreciated

this is still an issue for me with some websites unavailable, some refusing authentication and one saying I am not authorised to view it.

ip2location is still showing the 149.18.87.x range as USA

Others Geo IP Database show UK. May explain some site being an issue.

We’ve gone back to them ourselves and asked why they keep changing our location without authorisation from us, just waiting for a response

Same for me this morning:
Fortunately I can use IPv6 via Zen so servers like BBC iPlayer are happy I’m in UK

Having said that, it is worth checking what DNS server is being used.
Not sure if there are issues with Quad 9 today because using them to ping -4 google.com I’m getting 82ms - it is routing via United States (perhaps because it thinks I am located state side)?

Have forced my DNS back to and I’m back to 4ms.
So, I think what I’m suggesting is that location may be impacting routing too?

Still the same , and I still have access issues to some websites. I could do with this fixing please. Either fix the geolocation or change my IP ?

Which database is this one? :slight_smile:

> HI,
> this is still an issue for me with some websites unavailable, some refusing authentication and one saying I am not authorised to view it.
> 149.18.87.x

Looks like your favourite one, IP2Location this is a random IP from your block :slight_smile:

Might be worth checking if you guys have reported the correct location on these:

And some other less friendly reporting methods:

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I hate those guys! -_- I’m on it, thank you!

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@Yayzi_Team I’m also affected by the 149. IP address showing as a USA location. I’m aware this has been an ongoing issue for a few months is there any further updates on this issues or an idea when it might be finally resolved.


So it’s now been over a month when this problem was first reported and it’s still not fixed. I’ve supplied IP address information and examples of pages with the problem. If I switch to O2 or Virgin or BT internet they are fine. If I switch to Mobile data it is fine. If I VPN it is fine. I shouldn’t have to do this as you are my provider and using a VPN to access these sites is against TOS, and I shouldn’t need to pay for more mobile data or 3/4G mobile hotspots from other ISP’s.
This only become a problem after you switched me from my original address 149.x.x.x (which was allocated when I started with you in May this year) to a new range of 154.60.x.x, which wasn’t communicated out to anyone.
When is this problem going to be fixed. The IP address reports as UK, but UK sites that are geo-locked say it isn’t. I starting to think that you just don’t care.

I posted this 6 days ago but no reply from Yayzi yet, what’s happening?

Well it’s happened again, I can’t access the National Lottery website, I can on my phone using mobile data so it must be Yayzi again. My IP address seems to be 149.18.., and I appear to be in the USA?*”

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Have you heard back from them please?

We’ve contacted national lottery directly and they’ll be sending out an update to their geo provider, so this should be resolved in the next few days for you, apologies for the delay.


Likewise I’ve contacted them, they are stopping me winning my million, think they will believe me? :slightly_smiling_face:

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