IP Geolocation Issues (Please Read)

Not being very technically minded, why does my IP address still show as New Jersey in the USA?

Basically, in the world there are something called IP Geo Database. What this means is ISP (such as Yayzi) inform these Geo Databases that the IP block they own/rent is located in London. As such they will input this info into the Geo Database where other providers such as BBC can query. They mainly use it for Geo Restrictions, this is why its causing such an issue here. The Geo Database also is used so that people who say provide a website can make sure your getting it in the native language. There are many many other reasons for the Database but this list could be quite big lol.


Hi All

Still need help as nothing happened since I posted my topic here

Databases have all been update, we’ve also published a geofeed for them to pull from live - We are now having to wait for them to update said databases. Any database anyone spots please let us know and we can conact them right away!

I am also having the same issue. I cannot get on to national-lottery.co.uk for example. I thought this was resolved a while back but it seems to have returned.

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Same issues
British gas
National lottery etc I’ve just tried them again


Add Screwfix account login to the list too :frowning:

Which ip range are you on? Are you sure?

My Screwfix is fine

Scxrewfix main site is fine, just get an access denied message when logging in to my account.

National lottery app doesn’t work.

That’s your account lol

No , it isnt, I have the same issue with screwfix, if you try and log in you ger error 403

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We’ve reached out to both National Lottery and Screwfix about this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok it looks like it’s just their login page, but yes still the same thing, I must have been off the WiFi when I logged in.

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