New Portal [PREVIEW]

Hey all,

Attached is some screenshots of the new portal in development, any feedback or feature requests will be taken onboard where possible. There will be a self-diagnostics tool coming but its still in development.


Omg. It looks so beautiful - I have been to 123 Test Street, it’s right outside the Pleasure Beach!

Will this reflect the Reddit Offer? Like for example the month to month plan, for the price of the 18 month plan?

I got the reddit offer, so will it say £35 (900 plus) monthly contract?

I got upgraded to 1.2g pro package, which I am not complaining about. Just confused on the price, whether it’s be charged at £39 or the £35 It was supposed to be. Either way is fine, but it needs to be made clear if you no longer offer the 900 plus package (as you upgraded everyone on that package to 1.2g pro)

haha! :smiley:

It will reflect the offers on an individual basic etc…

Just to make the point clear, the ONT’s that are installed are MultiGig capable even on the 900 Plus, the reason we did that was simply to give customers a much easier upgrade path (no engineer visit needed for example)

If you’re on 900 Plus you’ll still be getting 900Mbps, as the limitation is the router - You won’t technically be on a 1.2Gbps package without upgrading to that but it does mean that you can upgrade within the portal instantly and on demand. Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

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It does.

I just assume I was put on 1.2g Pro by accident?


I stated I didn’t need a router, so maybe it was that? I honestly have no idea. I am not bothered as I love my static IP and Yayzi Mobile, I’m saving a lot over my previous setup, so by all means keep me on 1.2g pro



If your router has a 2.5Gbps port then you can take advantage of those speeds (small hack for now, that will likely change but as of now a little freebie for people) - So just be aware you could lose that extra bit of speed in the future :slight_smile:

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Oh… okay, that makes sense… sort of, So you put people that ordered the 900 Plus onto 1gig pro, for now… I guess we’ll see which one I’m on when I’m actually charged :smiley:

Either way, the new portal looks great guys! I don’t really think anything extra is needed

I was just a little confused as I ordered 900 plus, but get 1.2g, plus a static IP, etc (which should only come with the 1.2g pro+), which was more expensive, I mean, I was going to pay extra for a static anyway :smiley:

Even if it is £39 over the £35 I was expecting, I am not bothered. it’s working, so I shouldn’t change it


Hmm, I assume there will still be some users with non multi-gig capable ONTs as I was on one until I specifically got in touch with you guys to get it swapped out. Will the Portal know this? You might get someone upping their package in the Portal but not actually seeing a speed increase due to a limitation of the ONT. Can your systems pull in the ONT details from customers? If so, maybe you’ll need to add some additional information on their Portal pages to let them know they need to request an ONT upgrade before they can take advantage of multi-gig speeds?

Looks so much better though!


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So the new portal will know if you have the correct ONT or not, if you don’t it will allow you to book an engineer appointment for the swap :slight_smile:


That will be a nice addition! Will it require the supplied router to be connected, or device agnostic? (or still tbc :slight_smile: )

I do like the clean, crisp design though of the new portal! Great to see it is in development!


New portal looks great and nice features.
Look forward to seeing it in action

New portal looks great. You were talking about a diagnostics automated tool will this work with customers using own router etc? Or is it just limited to the Yayzi one

@Yayzi_Team nice, something similar might work for the mobile dash as well.

Can you add the status page and faqs on or near the ticket page, as you search it could be searching for resolutions save you being bothered.

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Looking good. But the underlying data needs to be right too. Currently:

  • my contract shows incorrect data - I don’t have WiFi for example
  • my service shows “cease pending”

So do make sure that those issues are covered as part of the release.


The portal looks great guys :slight_smile:

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It would be handy if it can detect if one of your routers is connected (or not) that should be able to remove the WiFi info etc if possible

looks nice!

@Yayzi_Team imho “Community Forum” link should be moved from “About” section to “Support”

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Great to see these improvements keep up the good work Yayzi :slight_smile:

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Looks good like the new colors also. Onwards and upwards to the top.

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