No service. How long does it take?


I am new here.
I was supposed to go live with my Fibre 1Gb Pro today 2 Nov 2023, Cityfibre sent and Sms confirming 0800 to 1300 yesterday

The ONT has 4 lights but routers not getting IP and shows as offline.

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you’ll be lucky to get a reply. I’ve been waiting a month.
When they do reply they’ll say they’ve replied many time and are waiting for a response from you (which will be a lie).

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At least CityFibre showed up and did their bit… I waited all day and got sweet fuck all…

Hey guys,

We’re aware of an issue affecting customers who’ve had an install done today, we expect this to be resolved tomorrow and all connections will be active.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Yayzi Support Team


Still nothing, do you know when it will be fixed?

Still nothing, do you know when it will be fixed?


If you give the router a reboot, you should be good to go! Apologies for the delay.

Yayzi Support Team

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@Yayzi_Team are my messages being ignored? Seems like all other customers are getting replies and updates but not me.
Broadband still down

Absolutely not, are you using out router or your own?

Your router. Done factory reset . Still no service

Good job im with a rolling 1 month contract if the new router is same id be cancelling good job there offer the rolling contract and not go for the 18month.
Reset router everything should have looked at truspilot first and gone with a branded company.

They’re a good company , how many other broadband companies would’ve communicated so openly about issues & tried to help so personally… it’s not been great, but alas I’m sticking with them! My opinion only


You might have a working service, thus giving another perspective

We will get you sorted, we can see the IP being offered to you, but your router is being picky. So we’re seeing what we can do for you

Faith and patience are running thin. Paying for a service that I’m not getting , 3 days now no service.

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Likewise, more a personal service than most larger companies and they will get you sorted.

Well maybe you should move to Vodafone or something…. Good luck with them!

How long did this take to get sorted in the end?

Had my install today around 1pm but not able to get any service since, i did get an update from whatsapp to say the issue was city fiber had not fully closed down the job and a ticket was raised

You’ll likely be up and running today or maybe earlier yesterday, if there were no issues with the install

Hi, I’ve a similar problem. Go live today, router arrived ahead of install and City Fibre engineers came at appointed time. Service coming to the box but red light in internet for the router. Engineers said everything good their end and I need to contact ISP. Emailed Yayzi this afternoon, hopeful will be an easy fix!