Not getting full 2.5gb speed

So, flipped everyone over to VM for tonight’s gaming. Absolutely 0% in-game packet loss, no disconnection warnings, nothing. No problems at all.

So, it’s pretty conclusive as far as I can see, Cable plugged in to ONT - issues. Cable plugged in to VM hub - no issues. So, the only difference in set up is where the cable goes once it has left my network. So, assume this is a routing/peering issue.


I don’t play Fortnite (gimmie some Quake or UT any day!), but i’d imagine if for example you were using an ISP who’s geolocation lead to Epic connecting you to a US server for example, then the sort of things you describe could happen. Hopefully at some point quite soon, we may be able to test that theory with a UK geo-location.

Both VM and Yayzi connections result in being connected to the European server. What I have seen though is variations in the traceroutes to the EU server. Sometimes it’s just 17 hops, other times it is 21. With VM it was 16 hops so again, seems like a routing/peering issue to me.

ps. I was an RTCW kind of person. That was the multiplayer for me! Simpler times…!!

Hmm, again tonight, this reminds me of the bad days of oversubscription with VM…



Taking a look at this now, we have no capacity issues on the network but that does seem like a capacity issue somewhere. Checking in with CityFibre NOC. Will keep you updated

not sure is this will help but i was running AVG internet security antivirus and this was holding me back i uninstalled and now hitting full speeds.

I don’t think this is his issue but It was mine also a week ago.

No, it’s just up and down. For instance, ran this one a bit earlier today, and all OK:

There is a fair degree of variance, for instance just done this one:


But, doesn’t really bother me. The one from the other day was a nasty hiccup, but generally it’s all good.