Packet loss and generally crap connection tonight

Today has been a bit crap with slow loading pages, a bit laggy when gaming, but the last few hours has been particularly bad with packet loss and lag. Anything going on @Yayzi_Team ?

My Broadband Ping - Yayzi

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Yeh I have been getting random spikes during Call of Duty Warzone. My graph looks just like yours.

Same peaks here at the same time, though my loss is just after 8pm rather than 7pm shown in @serverboy206’s BQM, given the way CF works my money would be on a CF update rolling through it’s network rather than a Yayzi specific issue, but I don’t have access to a non Yayzi connection to confirm.

My Broadband Ping - Yayzi

My VM BQM was stable around the same time, so it’s not an issue with BQM.


I meant a non Yayzi CF connection to see if it affected other CF resellers - i’m not suggesting it’s a TBB/BQM issue :slight_smile:

My evening performance has been like this for several days - weeks even.

I could post a near identical graph, so it’s not just you, the question is was it a CF issue or a Yayzi issue?

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Yep I see the exact same thing every night of the week 6-7PM latency starts to increase. Also had a drop out at the exact same time as you @cjwilber

@Yayzi_Team What’s going on with the network at this time? Its pretty consistent and clear something changes, appreciate its prime time internet access at that time, but FTTP should be low latency throughout the whole day.


We’re investigating this, while it is prime time for sure, our network utilisation only peaks at around 30% of our capacity at that time. So we don’t have a capacity issue.

We’re working with CityFibre on this as well, I’ll share the details with you in the next few days :slightly_smiling_face:


Graph looks less dramatic here as its spread out over a week, but there is a clear pattern that latency starts to spike around 6PM, just an fyi.

Thanks, this is very helpful!

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I had spiking latency last night between 19:00 and 23:00 with a temp dropout around 22:40. This follows on from very high latency and problems accessing certain sites at around 19:00-:19-30 the other day so similar pattern to everyone else.


Guess I’ll join in with my graph…

Incidentally, does anyone know why there are black gaps in the ping times? It’s not packet loss as that would be red. Seems that they just didn’t bother sending any? Not seen it before and only happened since I moved from ADSL last week

Also noticed similar -

My connection is supposedly up and running, Can’t wait to finish work to run home to swap over from VM! (if it is indeed working). I’ll defo post my own monitor to help out

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Not much point adding my graph as it’s pretty much identical to everyone else, this has been happening pretty consistently each night for the month so far, and seems to be getting more pronounced lately.

Same here,always around peak times and around 2am

Update, it is unfortunately not operational ;(. Unsure what is wrong as cityfibre were able to get it to the cabinet apparently. Have emailed

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You may need to drop @Yayzi_Team a whatsapp to activate assuming the tech has completed the job on CF’s system.

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I’ve emailed them, I have a feeling that the port is not active