Please respond to account payment DMs

I have been DM @Yayzi_Team re account payment issue for several months now! Some reply but No progress and nothing changed. Please check DMs and respond! This should have been sorted in matter of days not months!!

I have a similar issue with lack of replies to DM’s on here, Email them instead, they’re great at replying there! Must be a different team, not sure

[email protected]

Sorry guys! Admittedly we don’t use the DM feature much on here, unless we’re specifically asking people to DM us.

Will take a look and forward to the relevant team

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Thanks. I’ll email [email protected] and copy the entire history (including Yayzi responses) of the DMs. I really hope this can be resolved swiftly @Yayzi_Team . Has been months and no action yet.

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I have emailed all the details of issue to [[email protected]]. I really hope this can be resolved quickly… has been many months and still nothing :frowning_face:

@Yayzi_Team Still no action! Please sort this out!