Yayzi are ignoring basic support requests!

Yayzi are ignoring basic support requests! Cannot rely on support. Lost faith in Yayzi

See original support post

They don’t check the DMs on the forum that much. Have you tried emailing them?

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He already has I think, see here > Please respond to account payment DMs

I’ve sent this over to accounts for you. They’ll get you sorted tomorrow when they are back in the office. My apologies that this is still ongoing

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Hi Matt, thanks for your message credit has now been applied to your account equivalent to a free month, anything else let me know. Martin

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Hi Martin, Please mark this account as an official account. It looks just like a customer account

Is that better, do i get a cookie :wink:



Ish you need to be added to the Yayzi Staff team lol then you get another Cookie!

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A cookie and a pat on the head

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